13 Blog Statistics that Answer “Why Blog Regularly”

13 Blog Statistics that Answer ‘Why Blog Regularly’” written by Mike Marko.

I’m a HUGE fan of blogging.  If you’ve been following us you would should have read our blog post, How to Blog – 10 Tips to Create a Six-Figure Blog.  Blogging is my favorite way to increase our presence online.

When you combine blogging with SEO, Search Engine Optimization,  you have a powerful way of bringing more eyes on your offer or message.

But if that wasn’t reason enough to answer the question, “why blog?  I have come up with 13 blog statistics to help answer this question.

These blog statistics will surprise you.  I found some really interesting.

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13 Blog Statistics that Answer “Why Blog Regularly”

1) 80% New Visits to Your Website.

When you blog daily, 80% of your blog visits are from new readers.  This is one reason why it’s important to try and get people to sign up to your email list… that way you can tell visitors when you have posted a new blog that might interest them.  You can also use social media like Facebook and Google+ to help syndicate your blog posts and let people know that you’ve published new content.

I like to use GetResponse to manage my email list, and I use OnlyWire to help me syndicate my blog posts using social bookmarking.

2) Get More Traffic

Sites that post daily get FIVE times more traffic than those that post weekly or less frequently.

When I know that I’m going to be unable to post for a few days, I build up a queue of blog posts that will be published at regular intervals (one a day).  That way I can give the appearance of providing daily content.  The Influx Entrepreneur Marketing/Blogging Website makes scheduling blog posts easy.

3) You Get More Traffic with The More Content You Publish

Once you have at least 51 blog posts, your blog traffic will increase on average by 53%.  Traffic goes up by THREE times after publishing 100 blog posts.  And it goes up 4.5 times after 200 blog posts.

When you look at the blog of leaders in the online MLM or affiliate marketing arena, you will notice that on after that they have on average 400 to 600 blog posts each on just one of their websites.  These stats together should help illustrate the importance of accumulating as many blog posts as you can as quickly as you can (without sacrificing quality).  Publish at least one blog post a day and it will take a 1.5 to 2 years to get roughly the same order of magnitude of traffic as industry leaders.

You still need to post quality otherwise you will have a high bounce rate, so don’t rush too much.

4) Blog Post Length

The blog statistic shows that longer blog posts attract more backlinks, and that you should target 1,500 words more.  I differ on this… I believe that while it is important to have longer blog posts, the average blog post should be 800 to 1000 words.  You want the blog posts to be long enough to contain good content, but most people want to be able to read short concise blog posts.  You also want the blog post to be long enough to keep the reader on the page for at least a minute.

There are cases where you want to have a MUCH longer blog post.. or pillar content.  These blog posts are epic in size and they will attract a lot of backlinks if they contain a lot of value.  You can learn more about pillar content by clicking here.

5) Include Images

According to blog statistics, apparently blog posts with images attract more backlinks.  You can include screen shots, graphs and photos.  I suspect this also includes imbedded videos.

Before using images you find online, make sure you check out this blog post, What Kind of Photos Can You Use On Your Blog Legally?

6) Have them Share It

Interestingly, the blog statistics shows that 42% of people measure the social influence of a blog by the number of social media shares it gets.

Therefore you need to make it easy for your content to be shared.  Adding social share buttons is one way to do this.  I also include a call to action in the blog post to ask the reader to share, “sharing is care.”

7) Make it Good

This should be no surprise… make sure you have content that is worth reading.  Make sure it’s quality stuff and people will want to come back.  Also make sure the design of the page is good, pleasing to the eye, and helps the eye flow through the page to the end.

If you had to choose between blogging daily or putting out quality content… I hate to hear myself say this but you really need to put out quality content.  Blogging daily is very important, but if that means your material is crap then what’s the point of publishing the content if nobody wants to read it?

8) Manic Monday’s

Apparently nobody really does that much work on Monday’s… blogs get the highest traffic on Monday mornings.  Therefore if you can’t blog daily make sure you publish at least on post early Monday morning.  Since this is the highest traffic day… save your best material for Monday.  That way they’ll want to come back again next Monday.

sharing-social-media - 13 Blog Statistics that Answer Why Blog Regularly9) Thursdays Shares

This is a bazaar stat… blogs with more social media followers get more traffic and backlinks on Thursdays.  I don’t know the reasoning for this, so I’ll just smile and nod.   You may want sure you post one blog post Thursday as well.

10) Grow Your Tribe

The more social media followers you have, the more traffic and backlinks you get.  Spend the time to grow your follower count on your social media platforms.

11) Guest Bloggers

This is an interesting stat: 63% of people feel that multiple authors add more credibility to the blog.

I ‘m not sure if this would include us since both Bren and I post separately in our forum.  I am not sure if we want any more guest bloggers since it waters down our brand.  This is still an interesting stat to think about.

12) Blog Posts Are More Effective

People are 70% more likely to learn about your company from articles than from ads.  Invest more time into quality everygreen blog posts instead of temporary ads.

This makes sense because people “want to buy, but don’t want to be sold.”

13) Quadruple Your Leads

What another reason why blog every day?  Blogging daily will generate 4 times more leads than blogs that post weekly or less frequently.

Wrap Up

There you have it… these blog statistics give more reasons why you should blog daily (as if I haven’t already given lots of reasons in the past).  If you are not blogging daily, you are doing yourself an injustice.

No excuses… just get’er done.

Here’s to your future success blogging!

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13 Blog Statistics that Answer Why Blog Regularly

Article:  13 Blog Statistics that Answer “Why Blog Regularly”

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