Email Marketing Best Practices

How to Select The Best of Email Marketing Tools

“Email Marketing Best Practices” written by Mike Marko. Email marketing is extremely important if you want to monetize your website. Many new people online make the mistake of sending people directly to their capture page.  But this is a huge mistake because most people don’t buy on the first exposure to an offer.  I have…

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Everyday is Wisdom – Interview with Simran Singh

Everyday Is Wisdom

“Everyday is Wisdom – Interview with Simran Singh” written by Guest Contributor. “We are all getting signs and symptoms all the time. We are getting volumes and paragraphs of communication from the universe every single day.” – Simran Singh I had the priviledge of interviewing author, speaker and creative catalyst,  Simran Singh, for my online Everyday is…

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How to Block Facebook Game Requests

“How to Block Facebook Game Requests” written by Guest Contributos. Avoiding A Common Facebook Distraction If you’re like us, and spend a lot of time on social media for business, you probably get a lot of Facebook game requests.   This is when someone invites you to join you to play a game like Farmville…

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How to Pick Among the Top Network Marketing Companies

Do Most People Failing Mean There’s Network Marketing Scams

“How to Pick Among the Top Network Marketing Companies” written by Mike Marko. The question, “How to Pick Among the Top Network Marketing Companies,” comes up over and over again among people looking to start a business, both offline and online. I myself have research a lot of network marketing companies and when you really…

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Blogging for Profit Workshop

Blog for Profit How to make money blogging at home in your pajamas

“Blogging for Profit Workshop” written by Mike Marko. Ok, ok… I sound like a broken record.  I do love blogging… But the reason is I am ADDICTED to having free, targeted leads being added to my email list every day.  So Bren and I keep blogging daily to build up our number of chances of…

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Helpful Devices in a Social Media Photo Sharing World

How to Use Social Media for Marketing Your Online Business

“Helpful Devices in a Social Media Photo Sharing World” written by Guest Contributor. In the last year, social media photo sharing has become an increasingly popular method of marketing your business. Facebook has made photos a bigger part of their experience, Pinterest has exploded in part because of their simple photo-based interface and brands are…

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Creating an Elevator Speech – Elevator Speech Tips

“Creating an Elevator Speech – Elevator Speech Tips” written by Guest Contributor. Why do I need an Elevator Speech? When you’re at a networking event, are you ready for the question 
”So, what do you do?” Whether they say it or not, those five words are on the minds of everyone you meet.  It’s important…

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13 Blog Statistics that Answer “Why Blog Regularly”

“13 Blog Statistics that Answer ‘Why Blog Regularly’” written by Mike Marko. I’m a HUGE fan of blogging.  If you’ve been following us you would should have read our blog post, How to Blog – 10 Tips to Create a Six-Figure Blog.  Blogging is my favorite way to increase our presence online. When you combine…

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Mobile Friendly Email Make All the Difference

“Mobile Friendly Email Make All the Difference” written by Mike Marko. In previous blog post we talked about the importance of having a mobile friendly webpage. In this blog post I will be talking about having mobile friendly email. Rejection of Non Mobile Friendly Email If you are like me, I read over half of my email…

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Increase Website Traffic Using a Mobile Friendly Webpage

Bren and Mike Prosperity Tips

“Increase Website Traffic Using a Mobile Friendly Webpage” written by Guest Contributor. There are more than 3 billion mobile phones being used in the world today, and there will be 150 million websites on the internet by 2017 and with 31% of mobile Internet users mostly going online using cell phones (Pew 2012). (On our…

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