4 Types of Clients (And How To Sell To Them)

How do you handle a client who asks for discounts? How do you treat clients who hate cheap items or promos?

To handle a client, it’s crucial to know the kind of client you’re dealing with. There are 4 types of clients – cheap clients, difficult clients, sophisticated clients, and rich clients.

What type of clients do you want to interact with? Most importantly, can you choose the type of client you will meet?

In online marketing, a success and business consultant like Dan Lok knows the right approach to each client.

In this blog post, I will be helping you in identifying the type of client you have and the appropriate manner in handling each of them.

The Different Types of Clients

Whether you’re doing online marketing like Dan Lok or you just have a home business, you’ll eventually meet cheap, difficult, sophisticated, and rich clients. To successfully conduct business with them and sell your high ticket products, you have to approach them differently.

The first two types are the ones you wanted to avoid while the remaining type of clients are ones that you prefer to meet. Unfortunately, you will be meeting and be dealing with all these clients.    

There are reasons why each type of client is not easy to deal with. Let’s take a deeper look at their differences.

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1. Cheap Clients

Cheap clients are those who close a deal if the price is in their favor. Usually, they’re the clients that often ask “How much do you charge?” even before discussing your product/service or your proposal.

That’s one of the questions that many businessmen hate. If a client asks that question, they’re basically disregarding the value that you can provide.

Cheap clients won’t stop until they finally convince you to lower down the price. Some of them even pretend that one of their colleagues told them that your price was lower so they can push their desired price.

Aside from that, cheap clients also ask you your best price. If they don’t like your answer, they’ll tell you that they can find a better deal somewhere else.

Cheap clients are very demanding even if they don’t really appreciate the service or product that you’re providing. They often choose cheaper services or products even if it’ll affect the quality of their business.

Knowing that it will be a challenge to offer them high ticket products, don’t ever consider offering your client a cheap “introductory price”.

Make a strong introduction by showing them how valuable you are. Doing this will convince them to pay you more.

Cheap clients won’t go over their preferred price. As much as possible, they’ll choose a deal with a cheaper price.

2. Difficult Clients

Difficult clients are not certainly cheap – they’re just difficult to deal with. If they’re having a bad day, it’s more likely that they’ll pour their frustrations on you. These are the clients that you mostly meet when you’re doing online marketing and home business.

Basically, difficult clients are not nice, they don’t smile very much, and they’re generally hard to deal with. These clients bring negative energy with them. Also, the way they speak or their tone is often very rude or impatient.

Difficult clients often ask a lot of irritating questions, and then say things like, “I don’t have time for this” and “could you repeat what you just said?”

You don’t want to deal with this type of client because they make your life harder. However, whether you like it or not you’re going to deal with some of them.

Though difficult clients are hard to deal with, you can still turn them into your future repeat customers. Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer program will help you do this.

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3. Sophisticated Clients

Sophisticated clients are the ones that you want to deal with. They buy based on the information regardless if it is high ticket product or not.
They have money but they’re wise buyers. They’re usually sophisticated,  educated, and they’re sure with what they’re doing. They are the type of client who will apprehend the value of your service because they simply understand value.
Unlike difficult clients, sophisticated clients make your life easier because they will approach with knowledge about what they want.  They will be clear with you about their needs.

Keep in mind that sophisticated clients buy based on knowledge. You can easily build trust with them by giving them information about your service. However, they will often need time before deciding on closing a deal because they’re thoughtful and not impulsive.

Sophisticated clients are intelligent, they’ll want to do some more research before making their decision. But once they make a decision, they stick with that decision.

Moreover, sophisticated clients are true to their words. Once they say ‘let me think about it first’, they will get back to you when they have their decision.

Just be patient with sophisticated clients because it’s more likely that they will ask a lot of questions. However, their questions will be very different from the questions the cheap or difficult customer will ask.

The sophisticated type will ask intelligent, logical questions regarding your service or product. They’ll ask about features and benefits, the terms, and the timeline involved in your deal.

4. Affluent Clients

Rich clients buy based on their feelings. Since they can afford anything, they’ll close a deal with you as long as they feel good about it. So don’t hesitate to offer them your high ticket products.
Don’t ever consider offering a rich client a promo or a discount. This is a practice that you need to avoid.
Rich clients don’t want or need a deal instead they want the best quality and high ticket products. They’ll usually assume that there’s something wrong with you or your service if you’re offering them a discount.
In addition to that, don’t ever try to educate or tell a rich client what’s good for them.  They don’t want any interference on any of their decisions.
With that said, save your discounts for the cheap type, and tell all of the important information about your business to the rich clients.

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Final Thoughts on 4 Types of Client

In this blog post, I discussed 4 types of clients when you’re doing online marketing or doing home business. During your venture as a businessman, it’s inevitable that you’re going to meet different kinds of clients.

It’s important for you to know what are the types of clients so you know how you can deal with them. Your strategy of closing a deal with a client should depend on their personality.

If you want to know more about how to close deals with different types of clients, enroll in Dan Lok’s High Ticket Closer program. This program will help you know the right approach when dealing with your clients.

Are you more curious about Dan Lok and what else he does? Read my review of his YouTube channel and visit this website, Dan Lok Book, to see his best-selling books.

If you have questions about Dan Lok, feel free to comment below.

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