6 Email Marketing Tips to Both Engage and Convert Customers

6 Email Marketing Tips to Both Engage and Convert Customers

6 Email Marketing Tips to both Engage and Convert Customers” written by Mike Marko.

So you want to grow your business… and of course make more money.  The internet is a great way of doing this because you can get right into someone’s home, introduce yourself, and present your offer… with email marketing.

Email marketing is a very effective marketing tool for businesses online. It is an extremely effective way to reach out to your customers.  Customers tend to prefer receiving permission-based marketing communications by email vs. other ways of marketing.

Email Marketing is also an effective way to build and reinforce long term relationships through providing lots of value and content, as well as offering special offers.  This also helps to serve to keep your product or service in the back of your customer’s mind.

Email client service providers have worked diligently over the years to minimize spam and spam complaints.  By doing this, these email service providers established best practices that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can trust.  People are inundated by spam email all the time, and so building this trust is paramount in order to help ensure email deliverability.  With many inbox providers and/or your email solution providers, your email newsletters may not even make it into your customer’s inbox…. And instead get stuck in the purgatory known as the spam folder.

Ok, you plan to ramp up your email marketing to grow your business online.  But before you start here are six email marketing tips that will help improve your results.

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Six Email Marketing Tips

Here are some useful tactics to help you ensure your messages are designed to not only avoid the spam button, but also help ensure they are opened and the reader takes action.

1) Identify Yourself to Your Reader

This is probably the most important of our “email marketing tips”.  Your email campaign will fail before you even really begin if you fail to identify yourself up front.  You need to tell them who you are and why you are contacting them.  You can have the best email copy in the world, but if your reader doesn’t know who you are you then you can be a victim to the This Is Spam button.

The most basic way of doing this is to say at the beginning of the email something like, “You are receiving this because…”  Make sure you remind them why they got the email.

A technique Bren and I use is called the bridge video.  Once they opt into the email request form, we like to send our subscribers to a webpage where we have a couple minute long video of us thanking them for subscribing to our mailing list.  We tell them to look for emails from us, and give them an idea of what to expect in those emails.  Not only does this set the expectation of receiving emails, but it also give them an opportunity to connect the name on the From of the emails to a face.

2) Create Visual Appeal In Your Emails

There are a lot of ways of achieving this second concept in our list of email marketing tips.  Some people like to use the templates provided by the email service provider to create beautiful emails.  I have seen some really eye catching emails that I love to open and read.  But keep in mind that when adding images, be sure to keep them small in file size or you may risk having them blocked.

You should also make sure you have “alt text” included for your images because not all images will be loaded at delivery.  You want something to be displayed in case the image is not seen… at least until they enable images.

Personally, I prefer to keep the images to a minimum, but make the emails visually appealing by keeping the email columns narrow.  A single relatively narrow column of email copy makes it a lot easier to read.  When you further have short sentences, short paragraphs, and spaces between paragraphs, it makes the copy a lot easier to read.

3) Keep The Subject Line Short and To the Point

This is one of those email marketing tips that I learned when we first started, but never really applied until much later.  I it was because I didn’t quite understand the reasoning at first.

Precise, concise email subject lines followed by short declarative sentences keep your email readers opening your emails, and actually reading through all your email copy.  Typically short subjects lines of less than 15 characters actually have the highest open rate vs. longer subject lines.

6 Email Marketing Tips to both Engage and Convert Customers

4) Develop Trust and Build a Relationship with Your Readers

One simple way to achieve this email marketing tip is to make sure your subscriber knows exactly what they can expect joining your email list, including the frequency of your newsletter.  This is another benefit of the bridge video I discussed earlier: we tell our subscriber to expect daily emails.  After establishing this framework of expectation, regular emails will help build a relationship with your reader as long as you provide lots of value.  But don’t over promote your offer. Keep your message educational, relevant and timely.  Follow the 80/20 rule where 80% of the time you deliver content, and 20% of the time you promote your offer.

5) Segment Your Email Mailing List

As you build your business, your email marketing newsletter will serve more than one purpose.  We like to have one main email list, and then split off people who may be interested in particular topics of offers.  For example if we are participating in a product launch, we will provide an opt in form for our readers so that they can decide if they want to tell us if they are interested in more information.  When they subscribe to the sub-list, we then send them product launch specific emails.  This is called the “Split and Soak” technique.  You don’t want to “spam” your main email list.  Instead you get readers to express an interest for more information in your offer.  When they subscribe you then bombard them with additional emails explaining all the ins and outs of your offer from different angles.

The advantage of this is that you don’t burn out your main list.  At any time these subscribers can opt out of the secondary list (make sure you make it clear up front in each email why they are receiving these additional emails and how they can opt out).

6) Provide a Clear Call to Action

If you have done everything we have talked about, it should be a simple step to ask your readers to do something.  Don’t always just ask for an order.  A call to action could be having readers check out a video, go to a blog post, comment on Facebook, or anything else you want your readers to do.  Just make sure the call to action is very clearly presented in the email.

If the call to action is to have them click on a link, we like to present this call to action at least three times throughout the email. Some of these calls to action will be very clearly saying CLICK HERE, while others will just be hyperlinked text talking about the offer.

Concluding Discussion About Our Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing can be an extremely powerful way to grow your business.  You get to develop a relationship with your readers, turning cold leads (people who don’t know you) to warm leads (people who like to read your emails, and like and trust you).

Email marketing is an extremely important part of growing our business.  We actually use two different email marketing software packages.  We have kept using both to help keep up to date on them so we can talk about the advantages of these two leading email marketing software providers: Aweber and GetResponse.

To learn more about these email service providers, check out our Aweber vs GetResponse Review.

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Article: 6 Email Marketing Tips to both Engage and Convert Customers

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