How to Blog – 6 MORE Things to Do Right AFTER You’re Done Writing a Blog Post

How to Blog – 6 MORE Things to Do Right AFTER You’re Done Writing a Blog Post.

Previously, we talked about the 3 things to do after you’re done writing a blog post.  It is important to do those three tasks because no matter it you made the most amazing blog post in the word, if you don’t do anything to promote it then you will have very few readers.

But we’re not done yet.  There are more things you can do to help ensure you get eyes on your blog post.

The following are five more things you can do after writing a blog post.

1. Social Bookmarking

Although this method isn’t as effective as it once was, it still can be a great source for backlinks, traffic, and overall exposure.  Social bookmarking sites include Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious, etc.  If you get lucky, or start developing a loyal following of readers, others may also bookmark your blog post.

I use these for my blog posts, but I also get to automate social bookmarking using OnlyWire, the tool I discussed in the previous article about what to do after you’re done writing a blog post.

You can check out OnlyWire by clicking here.

2. Find Other Blogs with Similar Topics to Comment On

If you read the article, How to Blog – How to Choose a Blog Niche , and followed the advice you should already scoped out some competing blogs.  Once you finished your blog post, now is the perfect time to check these competing blogs out and see if they have a post on the same topic.

If the competing blog post is missing a point your brought up in your blog post, add your viewpoint in a genuine, non-self-promotional way.  If the comment form asks for your website URL, paste in your blog post URL there.  Otherwise you can put your blog post URL in the comment section after your viewpoint… but first make sure you are providing real, authentic value to the competing blog.  If it seems spammy then it will get deleted and you will tick off the blogger.

Tread carefully when you use this technique.  But if you do it right, then you can gain traffic from the competing blog PLUS you get a backlink.

3. Email Signature

Another little trick is to add your blog post headline to your email signature.  Hyperlink the blog post headline with the URL if you can, otherwise include the raw URL below the headline.

4. Forum Signature

A trick I love to use is to include your blog post headline and URL in your forum signature for a forum that is relevant to the niche.  You need to make sure the blog post content is congruent with the forum niche.  You could get banned as a spammer if it isn’t.  Then change your forum signature whenever you have a new blog post you want to promote.

Now post to the forum with content 2-3 times a day.  If you do this for 100 days then you have on average 250 forum posts.  Every time you change your blog post signature it will change the forum signature for ALL your blog posts… in this case to all 250 forum posts.  That is powerful.  You can start getting a lot of exposure with your blog post if you do this consistently.

5. Add Your Blog Post to Your Next E-Newsletter

You should have an opt-in form on your blog to collect emails.  The techniques to do this are beyond the scope of this blog post.

As soon as you even have 1 email on your list, you should be using your email autoresponder to send them daily emails.

You should include your blog post into one of your e-newsletters.  Include a few post headlines/teasers and see which posts get the most clicks.  If you get a lot of clicks, you may want to resend the email with a different headline to the people on the list who didn’t open the previous email.

6. Status Updates

As a blogger set on making money online, you should have several social media accounts.  Previously we talked about automating posting to social media sites somewhat with OnlyWire, the problem is that it will only show up once.  This can be a problem because your friends or followers may miss the post because most people aren’t checking their social feeds all the time.

Therefore you should do a status update several times over the course of a couple days at different times.  Vary the post title a bit each time so it doesn’t get flagged as spam.

Ideally if you can include a picture with your social media update, it will help improve the open rate.  Pictures tend to catch people’s attention, which may give them enough pause to stop and click your link.

Do not use any tool like OnlyWire to post to Facebook groups automatically (your own accounts are fine).  Facebook may temporarily suspend your account, or worse close your account.  I actually got put in “Facebook jail” once for doing this… I learned the hard way.  You still want to post your blog post in Facebook groups… you just have to do this manually.

That’s It For Now

If you do all eight things after each blog post, you will start to generate significant traffic and followers after a while.

Here’s to your future success blogging!

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Article:  How to Blog – 6 MORE Things to Do Right AFTER You’re Done Writing a Blog Post

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