7 Things Poor People Do That Rich People Don’t Do

7 Things Poor People Do That Rich People Dont Do

Have you ever wondered why rich people grow richer and poor people grow poorer? 

Well, according to Dan Lok, one of the key reasons is that rich people have different habits from poor people. 

According to him, rich people have smarter and more results-driven habits. In addition to that, they have a mentality that focuses more on action and are always looking forward to learning new things. 

Also, Dan Lok says that rich people are more into active learning. He believes they also hate wasting their time on nonsensical things. 

On the other hand, according to him, poor people are more prone to not take action. He also claims that taking matters into their own hands is quite difficult for them. 

Here is an overview of Dan Lok’s “7 things poor people do that rich people don’t do. 

Poor People’s Habits vs. Rich People’s Habits 

Dan Lok’s training has taught me lots of things when it comes to managing my time and consequently, finding wealth. 

See, lots of us aspire to get rich but only a few are willing to take the risk and do everything in their power to reach that goal.

Sometimes, it’s those actions that are responsible for the difference. The things you do can affect your financial status, in other words. 

So, what exactly are the things that poor people do that rich people don’t? What are the differences between their mindsets? 

Let’s discover them here! 

1) Poor People Love Watching TV vs. Rich People Read Books 

If you are one of those people who spend hours watching television and you want to be rich, well, you’d better stop that habit of yours.

According to Dan Lok, bingewatching for hours and hours does not drive you closer to your dreams and I, for one, agree. 

Sitting in front of the TV will not get you anywhere. 

Instead, like rich people, you can read books or apply yourself to useful tasks. Take time learn more things about life and how you can go closer to success. 

2) Getting Paid Based on Time vs. Getting Paid for Results 

Another thing that Dan Lok mentions in his training is that poor people get paid based on the time they have spent working while rich people get paid for the results that they give. 

For example, when a person works for a food chain, there won’t be anyone benefiting from what they are doing except the customers, the floors, the plates, or the tables. They are only getting paid for the time they have spent doing their jobs on a routine basis. 

On the other hand, rich people invest their time and their effort on something that will benefit the whole company like products or projects. They will be paid for the results that their investment of time and effort brings about. 

People will not care if they have spent their whole lives preparing that product or that output, all the world cares about is the result itself. 

In simple terms, rich people only get paid based on their performance and the results of their performances. 

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3) Blaming Other People Vs. Taking Responsibility for Their Actions


Next on Dan Lok’s list of habits poor people do that rich people don’t is that poor people tend to blame other people for the things that they go through while rich people take responsibility for their actions. 

He says that poor people always have someone to blame like their boss, their jobs, their neighbors, or even their parents and the government. 

Rich people always take responsibility. They tend to own that if their life is less than ideal, then it is all their fault. 

Also, most people believe that learning how to take responsibility of your own actions means gaining more power. 

Accomplishing this means gaining the power to change, to learn, and be something more than what and who they already are. 

4) Saving vs. Investing 

I know that most of us have been more accustomed to saving and being as thrifty as possible. However, did you know that this mentality won’t be able to make us rich? 

According to Dan Lok, rich people find it best to invest their money to accumulate more rather than plainly saving. 

He says that one penny saved is still just one penny. However, if you try and invest your money, then you will be able to make it grow. 

That said, it’s not saving that’s the problem of poor people. Their problem is their income and when you invest, there will be tons of possibilities for you to grow your income. 

If you really want to be rich, one thing that I can advise for you to do is to click enroll in the Dan Lok High Ticket Closer Certification Program. 

In the event that you need proof that this program is legit, then refer to my review of this program and learn everything you want to know before enrolling. 

5) Know-it-all Mentality vs. Wanting to Learn More


The most opinionated people are poor people. They always think they know it all. 

That is why they are very vocal about their opinions pertaining to various topics like politics, society, and what-have-you. 

On the other hand, rich people are always up for new information. They are always listening, asking questions, and are very observant about the things that are going on around them. 

They are not quick to speak or to judge a certain situation or person without knowing everything about them. 

For example, poor people will watch Dan Lok’s videos on High Ticket Closing and they will right away comment that he should close a sale differently.

However, rich people will learn and will do things instead of just sitting their blabbing about what should be done. 

People who have done nothing should not matter. 

Income will grow when a person grows. Just relying on what you already know and who you already are without aiming to be something more, will not help. 

6) Money Is the Root of All Evil vs. Poverty Is the Is the Root of All Evil 

As the cliché line goes, “Money is the root of all evil.” Well, this is the saying that poor people believe in. This may also be the reason why they don’t have money. 

Dan Lok uses the oldest neighborhoods as an example and encourages us to look at them closely. 

Most of these neighborhoods are prone to crimes. That means all sorts of crimes from drug usage down to stealing and killing. 

See, it is the lack of money and the fight for survival that triggers this evil mentality. 

This is what rich people think. Money is neutral. It is a tool that we, as human beings use. 

Money is not the root of all evil. It is the lack of it that ruins everything. 

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7) Lottery Mentality vs. Action Mentality 

I know, there are lots of poor people who became rich because of winning the lottery. However, what are the odds? 

Most of these people believe that buying a lottery ticket will be their key towards a successful life. This is just a fantasy. 

On the other hand, rich people are more realistic. They know that they have to do something in order to achieve something and this requires not just buying one ticket and waiting for the results. 

They take action. 

Final Thoughts on Dan Lok’s 7 Things Poor People Do That Rich People Don’t Do 

Today, I have given you a summary of the list of things that poor people do vs. those that rich people do, according to Dan Lok. 

See, there are lots of differences between the two classes. But in essence, it’s what we do that matters. It’s the habits that matter. 

If you want to know more or learn more from Dan Lok, you may go ahead and check out his books. 

And, if you have further questions concerning this topic, please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below. You can even ask me for a review of Dan Lok if you want my quick opinion on his work!

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