Creating the Abundance Mindset


“Creating the Abundance Mindset” written by Guest Contributor.

Whoever has will be given more, and they will have abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. – Matthew 13:12

The Abundance of Celebrities

In an ultra-cheap marketing strategy for many companies celebrities gets the equivalent of the U.S Median income or about $100,000 of free stuff per year. This all in the hopes that a celebrity might be photographed or just seen holding or wearing their brand.

If Britney Spears or Paris Hilton want to go shopping, the whole store closes down so they can shop in private.

Victoria Beckham received so many baby gifts before daughter Harper was born that she decided to donate trucks filled with the freebies to charity.

Credit cards of the ultra rich like American Express Platinum cardholders receive room upgrades (depending on room availability), free breakfast, a spa credit, or complimentary food and beverages at participating hotels and resorts worldwide.

Many other exclusive credit card holders receive personal assistants and concierge services.

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When Christina Aguilera is at a dance club everyone on the floor has to leave the floor so she can dance without interruption.

Oscar nominees go home with a gift basket worth more than $85,000 worth of goodies. Two of those items include a $15,000 walking tour of Japan and a $16,000 hair transplant offer.

The Rich and the Abundance Mindset

The rich get more discounts.

Stay in places for free and get free airfare.

Get tax breaks.

Things given to them.

The Abundance Mindset vs Limiting Beliefs

If these stories bug you then you probably have a lack mindset.

And it will keep you from getting the things you want.

Do you feel jealousy or envy? Or maybe you feel like this could never be me, or I don’t deserve the finer things in life?

Creating the Abundance Mindset

An Exercise to help Create an Abundance Mindset

Last year I had the opportunity to live in NYC for 4 months where Mike and I had the privilege of taking the subway to Madison Avenue to shop at Bergdorf’s or Saks.  On one of our shopping trips I needed to use the restroom and the only facility within blocks was the St. Regis Hotel, a  5 star Hotel with a doorman and dripping with marble, crystal chandeliers, elegant crown moldings and glamorous beveled mirrors.

We decided to use the experience as an exercise in our comfort level with being in such an extravagant hotel.  I asked Mike to ask himself a few questions.

  • Does this FEEL normal?
  • Can you see yourself staying here foe a week?
  • Do you feel out of place?

I felt a little uncomfortable at first and then with an awareness of my feelings started to appreciate the beauty that surrounded me. It was a bit revealing in my ability to feel like I deserve the best things life has to offer. Sometimes we need these experiences to raise our level of what we think is possible in our lives.

Tips for Creating Your Own Abundance Mindset

Here are my tips for changing your mindset where money is concerned. They are guaranteed to raise your abundance vibration.

  • Be aware that you might have limiting beliefs about money and whether you feel you deserve to have what you want in life.
  • Look at evidence of others well being and use it as evidence that it can happen to you
  • If you can be  happy for the people who are experiencing abundance you are closer to your own abundance
  • Look for evidence for well being so that you can activate the energy of well being in yourself. Say to yourself, “I can realize and actualize it too.”
  • Don’t envy others because you don’t know what came before their success. There is enough to go around.
  • Just because they have things you want does not mean you can’t have yours.
  • Use it as evidence that it can happen.
  • Surround yourself with people you want to emulate.

Next time you see a beautiful million dollar home with an amazing view or someone pulls up beside you in your dream car. Be happy for them because they are showing you what is possible and that is a surefire shortcut to all the beautiful things you desire.

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Article:  Creating the Abundance Mindset

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