Best Tips on How to Advertise on LinkedIn

How to Advertise on LinkedIn

So, what are the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn?

When it comes to advertising, you need to know if your advertisements will deliver sufficient profit in the long run. And so, you need to make sure that you’re actually doing advertising the right way.

For many business owners today, they still need to figure out how they can effectively advertise on LinkedIn with little to no waste of investment.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn to save you from the hassle.

So, read on, and make sure that you take every tip from this list of the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn seriously.

Steps on How to Advertise on LinkedIn

Learning the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn will require a lot of effort and time. Don’t fret, though it’s totally worth it since LinkedIn has over 590 million users. This means that there are really a lot of opportunities here that your business can benefit from.

However, considering there are 26 million companies in this specific platform, just knowing how to post and create a profile in LinkedIn won’t be enough to create an ad that will appeal to users on the platform. You have to know more than just the basics.

And that is why I’m going to give you the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Campaign Planning Tips

How to advertise on LinkedIn is a process. It has steps that you need to follow thoroughly.

This is one of the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn since this will save you from all the hassle and the risks of not having a plan and just doing what you feel is right.

First, you need to make sure that the plan that you’re creating will help you achieve your business’ goals. To do so, you need to visit the LinkedIn Campaign Manager to have an idea on how to make this plan effective and foolproof.

The most common mistake we all do when following  a process is assuming that we already know what to do because the platform is just the same as any other platform.

LinkedIn is not an entertainment platform. This platform is designed for professionals and business owners worldwide.

And with that said, your plan must be aligned with the type of users on the platform. To do that, you must familiarize yourself with the different types of advertisements on LinkedIn.

  •       Sponsored Content – your posts will appear in your target audience’s feed.
  •       Text Ads – these ads are short texts or banners that appear at the top, bottom, or sides of the feed.
  •       Sponsored InMail – the most unique Ad that LinkedIn has compared to other platforms; this mail will appear in the inbox of other users and is charged depending on times you sent them.

You will know the type of your advertising campaign when you know exactly what your business goal is. And so, it is highly advised that you make a list of your business goals before you even start the campaign.

After securing that list, you may now proceed to the next best tip on how to advertise on LinkedIn.

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Tips on Creating an Ad Campaign

The first step  to learning the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn will be setting up your business’ page. You’ll only be allowed to post on LinkedIn if you have your own page.

If you’re done creating the page, next step would be to click on the campaign manager. And then, come up with a name for your ad. It could be anything as long as it’s for an ongoing campaign.

Then, make sure to fill out the following fields:

  •       Language,
  •       Campaign goal, and
  •       Ad format.

Once you’re done filling out those fields, you can now move on the most crucial part on how to advertise on LinkedIn.

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Tips on Choosing LinkedIn Ad Content

You must bear in mind that you’re posting an ad to capture your audience’ attention. Hence, you should create content that will do just that.

The next best tip on how to advertise on LinkedIn is the lifeblood of your promotion. So you better consider this carefully.

To help you decide what kind of LinkedIn content you should create, here are the types of content that you can choose from.

Text Ads

Perhaps one of the most basic types of ad content when thinking about how to advertise on LinkedIn is text ads. Simple as they might seem, they can still help generate traffic to your site.

You just need to keep in mind that catching the attention of the audience using this type of ad depends on how you deliver your content.

Yes, it’s the easiest ad type and the simplest in the platform. But you can actually be creative by adding images to the text ad to make it more appealing to your target audience.

This type of ad one is one of the most exciting parts of this list on how to advertise on LinkedIn.

Video Ads

Next is the most effective type of ad to use if you want to increase traffic to your website. This has been statistically tested as videos have a 75% share rate.

Depending on your business’ goal, there are times when you need to be as detailed as possible in your ad. See, one video ad can give out 30 pictures/frames per second.

This only means that you’ll  be able to send a message to your audience with 300 pictures in total in 10 seconds. And that’s worth 300,000 words!

Plus, using video ads will give you the liberty to properly explain your campaign because videos involve all main media types.

The combination of all those media types will be able to deliver more information to your target market. You just have to make sure that the video ad does not contain fillers or unnecessary content.

Putting unnecessary frills into your video for the sake of extravagance or aesthetics might cause your audience to lose their interest.

So far, this type of content is one of the most noteworthy part in this list of the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn.


The last type of ad content in this list of the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn is perhaps what makes LinkedIn unique from other social media platforms.

This type of ad will appear in the user’s inbox as a message. This is the perfect ad you’d want to use if you only have a specific target market.

This is also very ideal for those who are particularly meticulous when it comes to the budget you’re willing to invest in your advertisements. You’ll only pay for the number of messages that you sent which makes it easier to control.

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Tips on Posting the LinkedIn Ads

Now that you know the types of content that you can choose from, let’s move on to the next tip on how to advertise on LinkedIn.

If you’ve already chosen which type of content and are ready to post the ad you have created, we’ll still need to go through some measures to make sure that the ad is effective.

This is what makes LinkedIn ads safer for investors and business people like you.This platform allows you to choose your desired audience based on their characteristics namely:

  •       Age,
  •       Gender,
  •       Company name,
  •       Size of their Company,
  •       Industry,
  •       Skills, and
  •       Degree.

Aside from posting the ad for a specific set of audience, you should also make sure that the ad has the appropriate call to action. This means adding buttons like:

  •       Sign Up,
  •       Apply Now,
  •       Download,
  •       Get Quote,
  •       Learn More,
  •       Subscribe, and
  •       Register.

Choosing the right call to action is easy as long as you know your objective. It’s very important to have one because the response to any of those call to action buttons will be proof that your ad is effective.

Now you can move on to the next entry on this list of  best tips o n how to advertise on LinkedIn.

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Budget tips for your LinkedIn Ads

The main question when it comes to advertising is “how much will it cost?”. And that is exactly what we’ll discuss in this section.

Everyone wants to get more than what they paid for. You have to make sure that you’ll get more profit than what you’ve invested in your ads.

Let’s start with choosing the right payment type for your ad. This will ensure the ad’s cost-effectiveness in the long run.

Here are the methods of payment that you can choose from on LinkedIn when it comes to paying for your ads:

  •       Cost per send,
  •       Cost per Click (CPC), and
  •       Cost per Impression.

You need to consider that both CPC and cost per impression have a daily spend limit and a bid price. You need to incorporate these payment methods to the type and objective of the ad you’re creating.

Deciding on your budget plan is one of the most crucial parts when learning the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn so you have to think about it very carefully.

Thoughts on How to Advertise on LinkedIn

This blog post gives you the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn and all sorts of ideas to make sure that you’re getting if not enough, more profit than you’ve invested.

Aside from making your presence felt, you need to be consistent when it comes to posting and creating ads for a specific campaign.

You need to make sure that the ad complements your business’ goals. You’ll only be able to do this by creating a plan first and then following through that plan. Then you need to create a business page.

You need to be meticulous during ad creation and be absolutely sure that the type of ad, the content, the call to action, and the manner of posting are all in accordance to your business’ goals.

And finally,to complete the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn, you need to be very smart when you choose the mode of payment for your ad. You have to have a fixed budget and you need to stick with that budget.

For further questions about the best tips on how to advertise on LinkedIn, you may leave them in the comment section below.


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