Avoid Plagiarism When Coming Up With Content

Avoid Plagiarism When Coming Up With Content

Avoid Plagiarism When Coming Up With Content” written by Mike Marko.

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with ideas for content… whether it be for your blog, video, etc.  I know… I’ve been there.  I can stare blankly at the computer screen for what seems like hours trying to come up with something to write about that people would be interested in, and which won’t be just a rewording of an earlier post.

Creating unique content can be tough.

So sometimes I look for ideas.  I’ll either go looking at some of my favorite, related industry blogs, or I’ll use Google and start with some rough ideas I may have and see where it leads me.

It may take 10-20 minutes, but at least I can have some ideas to blog about.

But with this approach, there is a danger…

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Avoid Plagiarism When Borrowing Ideas

When borrowing content from other sources you must be careful to avoid plagiarism.  This is extremely important.

In this case, exact imitation is not the most sincere form of flattery.

In fact, you should at most use the other piece of content to help you come up with a framework for your own content… and then research at least two other pieces of content that have a similar topic and read through those.

Then start to write create your own, in your own words.

Let’s face it, it really is difficult to come up with unique ideas…. But it is still very important not to copy someone else’s work.  In fact, if I borrow facts and figures from any content I be sure to reference the source… often the original source if the author took it from somewhere else.  And if the author comes up with a unique and interesting idea, then I also give them credit as well with a backlink.

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t copy someone else’s work.

Reasons Why to Avoid Plagiarism

Reason #1: It is illegal.  This should have been obvious, but I am not sure it is completely obvious to all.  Just the other day I caught someone who practically copied one of our blog posts word for word (I didn’t actually confirm it was exact… but I can definitely say it was at least 90% the same as the original blog post-Bren wrote).

Reason #2: Your audience will recognize that it isn’t your writing style.  The point of blogging is to develop a long term relationship with your audience.  If they see your writing style is all over the place then they will catch on.

Reason#3: Integrity.  Your integrity is at stake if you copy (steal) someone else’s work.

Reason #4: Google will penalize your content for duplicate content.  This is extremely important if you are trying to rank in Google.  First one to create a piece of content that Google finds wins (this is one reason why I use techniques so we get indexed by Google within a day).  Because of this very reason, when I create content for back linking I do not use the original article but instead, create a completely new one (I don’t even copy someone else’s work for this purpose… all original).  That way even though I spin backlink articles I am sure the content is 100% unique.  I have heard that Google will penalize you even if the article is 50% copied.

Wrap Up About Reasons to Avoid Plagiarism

As I mentioned, it is very important to use original content and avoid plagiarism.  If you don’t, and you decide to copy someone else’s work, at best you don’t get indexed by Google… at worse you get into legal trouble.

Don’t let that make you afraid to look at other peoples’ content for ideas.   Just be sure to put the content in your own words, and add your own thoughts as well.

Here’s to YOUR prosperity.


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Article: Avoid Plagiarism When Coming Up With Content

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