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best free wordpress themes

10 Best Free WordPress Themes” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking for some perfect WordPress themes for your blog, but don’t want to spend much money?

I can help.

WordPress is known today as one of the world’s best content management platforms for websites and blogs today. Aside from its many plug-ins and benefits, you also has the choice of cool WordPress themes they can use for their blogs. Although users can opt to use paid or premium themes for their sites, WordPress has an extensive list of free themes users can enjoy.

In today’s list, I’m going to give you the 10 best and free WordPress themes.

Remember that searching the WordPress’ database for their free WordPress themes is time consuming and complicated, especially for new users… there are so many themes published every day.  And there are many themes that can cater to a specific type of website, plugin or widget, but some of them would require advanced coding skills.  Eventually you’ll find a theme best suited for your website.  However since many of the best layouts in WordPress are in its premium category, you’ll have limited options if you are looking for free options.

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Excellent WordPress Theme for Business

Corporate Theme

Corporate is the perfect WordPress theme for the business sector because it allows content to load easily onto a clean and organized layout.

Users can take advantage over the theme’s three customizable main pages such as the Homepage, Portfolio and Staff Directory.  Each of these main pages are  already fitted in a distinct formal to catch attention. Users can even add additional porfolios or extra pages without needing to use third party plug-ins.

This WordPress theme also has a slider feature which would allow featured content to be highlighted in the homepage.

zAlive WordPress Theme

zAlive is another excellent WordPress theme fit for business users looking for a two-column template for their content. If you are familiar with CSS, you can change the color scheme of the template from its default green and black color scheme.

You can also use a front page slider for their featured content while the navigation is located at the top with a clean sidebar for extra content. You may also find its native advertisement code support very interesting as ads can now be added without plug-ins or extra coding.

Attitude by Theme Horse

Finally, Attitude caps off the top free business WordPress themes for this guide because of its hi-resolution display capacity and flexible minimalist look.

You have the option to use five different layouts for any type of content, page format or template resolution. Social media is also well-represented as this WordPress theme would allow you to link 11 social media icons in your homepage. A customizable fold slider also comes with this content, allowing easier access to content.

Flexible WordPress Themes for Artists


Named after a famous singer, Garfunkel works well for photographers or visual artists because of its similarities with Pinterest. You can easily post and browse posts in a Pinterest-like layout without ruining the entire layout.

YOu may even use the WordPress theme’s slideshow gallery option to display high-resolution images even in dated entries. Content can easily be browsed through an infinite page scroll while six custom widgets can be used for further content and site options. If you have some experience, you can also take advantage of the style editor function included in this WordPress layout.

Match by DoveThemes

Wedding-themed templates are also a staple in WordPress’ theme gallery.  These themes cater to wedding photographers or bloggers. Match, for instance, is perfect to showcase wedding photography and content. If you don’t want to use it as a wedding template, you can use it as a blog or a product portfolio.

Content is presented in a wider format with this WordPress theme, ensuring that there is no clutter or distraction when browsing the contents. With its very clean and white background, it presents an elegant feel for viewers and users alike. Like the other layouts, there is a sticky post format, customized top page menu and featured post option for this WordPress theme.

Thoughts by WPExplorer

This WordPress theme considers the needs of visual artists and creative writers as this layout features a beautiful wide layout to feature posts. The Thoughts WordPress theme does not have a widget or navigation area, allowing viewers to concentrate on the content alone. For images, this WordPress theme has a single column text area provided to ensure minimum and meaningful captions.

Despite its simplicity, this WordPress theme bolsters featured images or posts with an eye-catching color and font scheme for any kind of content.

Fictive by Automatic

If you wish to grab your vistor’s attention, Fictive is the WordPress theme for you because of its striking colors and flexible template. You can use this theme for any type of content while ensuring the theme would match the content through some editing.

You can even use your Gravatar IDs and social media icons to link your viewers to their personal sites while a few extra options can be added for specific content through its widgets and menus. High-resolution posts and sticky post options are also available in this WordPress theme.

Noteworthy WordPress Themes for Publishers

GoPress by WPExplorer

GoPress is a blogger or news writer’s dream WordPress theme because it utilizes a minimalist format using lightweight codes which allows content to load faster than other layouts.

It is very easy to layout pages with GoPress because content can be inputted at any style without affecting the theme immensely.  This theme also allows images and videos can also be placed in a special featured area.

Pronto Masonry Theme

Pronto can be considered a flexible WordPress theme as it allows readers to view the website at any browser resolution. Any content can fit well with this grid template, even high resolution photos which would appear as large thumbnails for easy browsing. Many online magazine, photography and portfolio users can benefit from this WordPress layout.

For an added personal touch, you can use your own logo and threaded comments service below each post. Galleries can also be done easily with this layout without hassle, especially for multiple file uploads.

InkZine by Rohit Tripathi

This WordPress layout works very well if you wish to host their your online magazine website, similar to CNN.  You can organize your content through its grid-like layout with a filtered layout for recent, popular and must read content in the homepage.

The theme also has a Parallax header which bolsters featured content while supported by customized widgets. You may also use its full-width posts without cramping them with too much content.

Final Takeaway About WordPress Themes 

In this tutorial we talked about the ten best free WordPress themes. But the choice is limited, and you still have to install them, and get the rest of your website up and running.

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to install WordPress to take advantage of the power of WordPress?

And that you didn’t have to worry about hosting, or messing with WordPress themes.

Or not have to worry about system upgrades.

And you also get great themes, a webinar platform, an integrated social media platform, and a bunch of expensive WordPress plugins.

And it ranked easier in the search engines.

And it cost the same amount as your self-hosted WordPress platform.

If you are interested in eliminating all the work and getting tons of value, then let me show you the system I use.

What We Use

Bren and I rank a lot of our content high in Google.  We have over 50 blog sites as part of our blog network.  And from our experience, the Influx Entrepreneur blogging platform is the superior blogging system in a lot of ways.  It has a lot of advantages such as

  • It is inexpensive
  • You didn’t have to worry about maintaining the site, and so less headaches,
  • It has a membership site so you could sell your own products and make money directly from PayPal,
  • It can have capture pages so you can generate more leads,
  • It has themes already integrated into the platform,
  • It comes with access to webinar software so you can promote & sell to groups of people at a time,
  • It ranks in Google a lot easier than hosting your own site,
  • It is self-hosted so you don’t have to be technically inclined,
  • It has its own social media site integrated into the platform.

And there is a lot more advantages…

Normally a platform alone like this would cost $400 or more a month!  Luckily, that isn’t the case here.

The basic platform doesn’t event cost $100/month.

Or even $25/month.

They are practically giving it away.

To learn more about it click the button below.

How to install WordPress


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