Tenant Notice to Vacate and What to Do

Tenant Notice to Vacate and What To Do, Top Property Management,

Leases aren’t permanent. Whether you like it or not, they all have to come to an end at some point.  As a property manager, it’s very important that you know how and when to end a tenancy.  You or the tenant may end a tenancy but either way, a valid written notice of termination must…

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Know When to Hire a Landlord Tenant Lawyer

Know When to Hire a Landlord Tenant Lawyer, Top Property Managem

Wondering when you or your tenant might have need of a landlord tenant lawyer? Here are the situations that usually necessitate involvement of a landlord tenant lawyer.

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How to Determine the Best Tenant Background Search

Looking to improve your tenant background search?  I’m glad you’re thinking about improving your background search. Property managers like you should conduct a thorough background search on every prospective tenant because it will help you achieve success in a rental property business. The background check can help you choose the best tenant for your property.…

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Eviction Tenancy Law That Every Property Manager Should Understand

Eviction Tenancy Law That Every Property Manager Should Understand - tenancy law, property, property manager

Let me share with you some information regarding eviction tenancy law that every property manager should understand. This can help you stay within legal limits when evicting bad tenants.

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Property Manager’s Guide in Creating a Tenancy Agreement

Property Manager’s Guide In Creating A Tenancy - Property, Tenant, Managers

In need of some assistance with your rental business’s tenancy agreement? Here’s a guide to how to create a tenancy agreement and what purposes it’s supposed to serve.

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Guide in Making a Simple Rental Agreement

Are you planning to make a simple rental agreement? All property managers should know how to make a rental agreement. The rental agreement lays out all the terms of your contract with your tenants.  It also addresses all the possible issues that could happen during the tenancy.  That’s why you should make a rental agreement…

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Learn How to Make a Simple Lease Agreement

Need to make a simple lease agreement in a flash but unsure of how to do it? I’ll take you through some quick steps to make an effective simple lease agreement.

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Why Using Screening Reports Is Important

Do you know the importance of using tenant screening reports when you’re a landlord? Here’s why you need tenant screening reports and how to use them.

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Property Manager’s Guide to Writing a Sample Lease Agreement

Property Manager’s Guide To Writing A Sample - Property, Manager, Writing

Not sure how to make a sample lease agreement for your potential tenant? Here’s a checklist of what you need to include in your sample lease agreement.

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Room Rental Agreement Template for Property Managers

Room Rental Agreement Template for Property - Rental, Agreement, Property

Are you in need of a workable room rental agreement template for your property? I’ll show you how to make a room rental agreement template you and your tenants can use.

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