Cashvertising: What People Really Want

Cashvertising: What People Really Want” by Mike Marko.

Bren recently bought me the book, Ca$hvertising, by Drew Eric Whitman. This book is an excellent source of advertising ideas… perfect for anyone trying to make money online.

I am always very busy, but after skimming this book I decided to really give this book the time it deserves. I was intrigued. Plus it is very important to keep expanding your knowledge, and I thought it about time I learned more about how to sell “anything to anyone.”

I am going to share what I learn from this book as I read it. Today I read chapter 1… so here we go.

Chapter 1 – What People Really Want

The chapter begins talking about how just talking about the features of a product will not get you very good results. If you talk about how long the company has been around, who the employees are, how the robust the product is, etc, you won’t get anywhere with the customer.

Nobody really cares.

Nobody cares how new the equipment is.

Nobody cares if you have 100 employees.

Nobody cares if you are smarter than Einstein.

They don’t.

What do people really want? People want to know what is in it for them. What benefits the product will give them.

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What People Really Want – The Life-Force 8

As the book explains, people are programmed to have basic needs… basic desires. These desires can be categorized as follows:

  1. Survival
  2. Enjoyment of food/drink
  3. Freedom from fear, pain, and danger
  4. Sexual companionship
  5. Comfort where they live
  6. To be superior, to feel like they are winning in life
  7. Care and protection of loved ones
  8. Social approval

Really take a look at this list. Can you argue that any of these are not important?

If you can tap into any of these categorizes, or better… several of these categories, it increases your chance of reaching your audience.

How to Make What People Really Want Work For You

In order to get people to want something from you, first you need to create Tension… or agitate their need. For instance by reminding them why they want one of the LF8 items, you will help bring about their Desire. Once you created the Desire, explain to them how to satisfy that desire.

Tension > Desire > Action to Satisfy the Desire

Start to build a virtual intensity, not by just add words and sentences, but by creating mental images to help trigger what people really want.

Example of How to Use What People Really Want

Let’s go over this example:

  • Go somewhere and do something – this is pretty vague with no imagery.
  • Go somewhere and get something – while do can mean anything, get is more specific.
  • Go to the dining room and get something – still pretty vague, but at least now you know where to go.
  • Go to the dining room and get some food – there is now some imagery that the reader is experiencing
  • Go to the dining room, open the cookie jar, and get food – the imagery is getting stronger
  • Go to the dining room, open the cookie jar, and get three of the fresh, still-warm chocolate chip cookies. The large chocolate chunks will melt a bit in your hands as you hold the cookies. As you hold the cookies, the smell of freshly baked cookies fills your senses. Your mouth starts to salivate as you anticipate taking a bite.

The last example gives a clear image that you want the audience to have. That is the type of imagery you need to create in order to help create the tension and desire you want in your audience. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to promote, by focusing on the Life-Force 8 and creating the tension and desire, you will be at an advantage when you finally tell them what action you want them to take to satisfy the desire.

Ca$hvertising – Chapter 1 Wrap Up

When I read this chapter, it gave me a new perspective on how I needed to start creating copy for my emails. If you go right to the call to action, you won’t get the desired results. Instead you have to create the tension to create the desire you want in your audience first.

I’ll be practicing this as I promote the launch of the IPAS 2 System over the next week.

If you would like to get your own copy of the book using my affiliate link, which would be appreciated, click the link below.

Look for future blog posts on other chapters in the book.

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