Changing Your Reality – What If…

Changing Your Reality - What If...

“Changing Your Reality – What If…” written by Guest Contributor.

If you’re like me, you’ve spent time in your life with the wrong kind of“what if‘s”

The What If’s

For me, they usually take the form of some kind of regret. That is to say wishing an area of my life could be different based on some of the decisions I’ve made.

  • What if I hadn’t divorced
  • What if I had worked harder at my jobs (been a better nurse, massage therapist)
  • What if I hadn’t moved away.

It’s usually triggered by comparing myself to someone else’s life and making the false assumption that they have a better life, or what’s even harder to think about, they’ve created a better life for their kids.

The Energy of Guilt and Regret

Intuitive healer Christie Marie Sheldon says that guilt and regret are lowest on the emotional/vibrational scale with enlightenment being at the top.

Changing Your Reality - What If

I find it interesting that it’s not hate or anger that is the most damaging, but guilt and shame. So in reality what I’m doing by allowing myself to have these thoughts and feeling is lowering my energy to it’s lowest possible point. Which in turn emits an emotional and physiological response that can be devastating on my body. Dr Masaru Emoto’s studies with water show the damage of chronic low vibrational thoughts and emotions.

Low vibrational thoughts can also lead to:

  • Lowered immunity
  • Stress hormones
  • anxiety and depression
  • Impaired decision-making ability

It can be an addictive process. Our bodies become accustomed to a certain set of chemicals coursing through our bodies and our repetitive thoughts form neural grooves in our brain so that it becomes a habit to go back to these same thoughts over and over again.

Abraham/Hicks recommends a pivoting exercise where you pivot your thought to a better feeling thought, but if you find that the thoughts keep coming back with reinforcements like an orc army try this:

Changing Your Reality is Falling In Love With Your Present Reality

Fall in love with your current reality, no matter what it is. That might be easy to say but hard to do if you are in a particularly tough situation.

The things we resist form and emotional attachment. If your mind starts to wander to thoughts of “what if” I was still in that relationship or why don’t I have that dream job? You are really looking at two different realities. The one you have now and the one that seems like a better one in your head.

Here’s a key to achieving any dream in your head.

Get aligned with how it will feel. and the best way to do this is to feel it first.

Your Movie

Picture 2 movie screens.

Changing Your Reality - What If...

You have your current reality on one and your dream reality on the other and ask yourself these three questions….

  • Can you love them equally?
  • Can you find the good in them equally?
  • Can you embrace every single experience in your life and see it for the life experience that it is?

It might mean letting go of thought and just experiencing and loving what is. It might mean just seeing what is in your surroundings that you can find life and beauty in. something simple like the chair or table the beauty of the sky. Can you cherish each and every moment without judging it? No thoughts about if you’re in the right place or doing the right thing.

Can you just let it be?

The more you can allow your current reality to be as it is and love it for what it is, you release resistance. One of the reasons we are so attached to our current reality is we have a negative attachment. This can be a stronger bond than a positive one. Think about what you remember most as a child and I bet they are attached to a strong emotion.

There will be less pushing against and more ease and flow. This expansion is where all good things come to you.

It’s why appreciation and gratitude are such a huge part of the manifestation process.

Love and Let Go of Your Current Reality to Make Room for More

If your goal is changing your reality, then think of an area of your life that you want to be different and you’ve had thoughts of regret about some decisions that you’ve made. It could be health, finances or relationships.

Now picture the two movie screens with your current reality on one and your dream reality on the other.

Now make a list of 10 things that are good about each situation. If you can’t find 10 things related to your current situation then just list 10 things that you appreciate about your life now.

Are you able to walk?

Are you pain-free?

Do you have a home and a car?

You can probably think of 100 things pretty easily. Now every time you start to have repetitive thoughts about this area of your life. Go back to love and acceptance of what is. Notice the beauty of the present moment and stay in that beautiful expensive place.

Changing Your Reality

Before you know it your situation will change without it really matter all that much because you will have learned the tools for going inside for happiness and contentment no matter what. And that is all there is… you are now changing your reality.


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Article:  Changing Your Reality – What If…

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