Effective Tips for Successful Commercial Property Management

Are you aiming to be successful in your commercial property business?

We all want to become successful but success isn’t something you just ask for. You have to work for it.One key to a successful rental business is through good commercial property management. 

The aim of a good commercial property management should be to maintain the rental property business and keep it profitable.

With the right commercial property management, you can reduce vacancies, get better tenants, and keep your commercial property in good condition.

You might say commercial property management is complex work. So to sort things out for you, I prepared 6 effective tips that will kick-start your commercial property business’s success.

Six Effective Tips for a Commercial Property Manager

It’s a struggle to maintain a commercial property business and make it work. 

There are so many things to consider, from advertising vacancies to keeping current tenants happy. 

On top of that, you also have to think about leasing contracts, maintenance expenses, and more.

So being a commercial property manager isn’t always a piece of cake. 

Some people imagine it means you can just sit back and accept the rent as it comes, but that’s an idealized version of the truth.

In truth, a commercial property manager has to keep his eye on a lot of things.

That said, managing a commercial property rental business isn’t impossible. With the right help and the right knowhow, you can make it work even if you have limited experience.

The right help you can get by hiring experienced employees or consulting relevant advisors, e.g. rental lawyers.

As for the right knowhow, I’m here to help you get started on that with this article. I’ll provide you a list of tips on commercial property management.

So if you’re ready, let’s start with my tips on how you can become an effective commercial property manager. 

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1) Keep Your Tenants Happy

Here’s a tenet of good commercial property management: you should keep tenants happy because happy tenants stay longer. 

Keeping  your existing tenants from leaving is the best way to maintain your income. Happy tenants also draw in more business, capital, and recommendations.Maintain a healthy and positive relationship with your tenants as much as possible. There are several ways to keep them happy and content with your commercial property.

For instance, you should have regular communication with them. Anticipate their needs and be responsive when they have concerns or suggestions. 

Having a great relationship with your tenants goes a long way to keeping them happy.

You can also try upgrading or maintaining the commercial property meticulously. If a tenant feels that the commercial property he’s renting is being taken care of and kept up-to-date with the latest amenities, he’s less likely to look for another place.

Some commercial property managers also add special offers to their lease agreements to keep tenants happy.

For example, they offer them 2 months on the commercial property rent-free if they sign a long-term lease. 

That’s a good way to make the tenant feel like his long-term stay at your commercial property benefits him as well as it does you.

Go Above and Beyond in Maintaining Your Place

I already mentioned this in the previous tip, but it’s so important that it deserves its own item in this list.

A building’s appearance is important to a business’s success. Going the extra mile in maintaining your commercial property will thus be appreciated by your tenants.

Do your best to make sure that your commercial property will look appealing in the eyes of your tenants and the people with whom they do business. 

You can do that by keeping the premises beautiful and clean

Aside from that, run routine checks to ensure that your commercial property is in good condition. Areas that should be regularly inspected and maintained include the following:

  • Roofing, 
  • Glass, 
  • Signage, 
  • Paint, 
  • Landscaping, 
  • Parking areas, and
  • Interior areas.


Everything should be in working order, clean, and up-to-date. Well-maintained properties appear professional and presentable. 

Most companies will pay top dollar for commercial properties that subscribe to these high standards.

Take Initiative in Improving the Property

It’s vital to know that your work isn’t only maintaining the place but also improving it. 

Take the initiative in improving the property. The more you invest in improvements, the greater the value of your commercial property.

That means the commercial property offers more to prospective tenants. In return, you can charge higher rent for tenants renting that property.

Start improving your property by upgrading your landscaping. You can also make sure your plumbing and fixtures are top-notch. 

Also, take the time to ensure your facilities and amenities are working well. 

Check that all utility systems are up to current standards so that they don’t fall short of prospective tenants’ expectations either.

Perhaps the best way to increase value is by making targeted improvements. Take a look at what your tenants need from the commercial property

After you’ve identified their practical needs, focus on improving the property in that area.

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Make Your Place Eco-Friendly

Green buildings or eco-friendly places are all the rage now. More business owners are looking for green buildings so they can prove their company’s commitment to eco-friendliness.

So consider making your commercial property an eco-friendly place. You can do that in several ways, including by setting rules from the outset that tell both tenants and visitors how to behave on the property.

For example, tenants shouldn’t be allowed to do activities that are harmful to the environment. That includes smoking and burning around or inside the rental place. 

You can also invest in putting plants, flowers, and other living and growing things in your place. Have a space where you can get to put up these things and maintain them.


Track Your Development and Improvements

Managing the property also includes tracking your developments and improvements. In that way, you’ll know what needs an upgrade and what doesn’t. 

Get to know your surrounding businesses, properties, tenants, and residential areas. Know what amenities your tenants need and what services your tenants expect you to provide. 

In addition, know the aesthetic standards for your place’s type.

When you get to track these developments and improvements, there’s no doubt that your rental property business will go a long way.

Make Use of the Latest Technology

Remember, tenants don’t want to settle for boring and outdated rental places.
Property managers have to understand how technologies can work. 

They have to learn how to anticipate problems to offer solutions for tenants. And to offer tenants what’s best for them.

Not only that, getting ahead with technologies is an effective way to attract potential tenants. It can generate more revenue for your rental business as tenants are generally more willing to pay higher rent for properties sporting the latest technologies.

For instance, consider offering the latest CCTV tech for your commercial property. Doing so assures tenants they’re moving into a “current” building. 

It also tells them they won’t have to install CCTV themselves, so that’s another expense crossed off their list. In exchange for that, they may be willing to pay you higher rent.

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Final Thoughts on Effective Tips for a Successful Commercial Property Management

Today, we talked about tips to help you become an effective commercial property manager. 

Being a property manager isn’t just about sitting back and collecting the rent from tenants on your commercial property. It goes beyond that

Covering all the aspects of commercial property management may seem overwhelming at first, as a result. But I’ve given you tips in this article to make it easier.

Make sure that you cover the following tips to help you attain success:

  • Keeping your tenants happy. The happier they are, the better.
  • It’s your duty to go above and beyond in maintaining your commercial property.
  • Take the initiative to improve the property from time to time.
  • Make your place environmentally friendly. It makes it a good place to stay.
  • Keep track of your development and improvements.
  • Lastly, keep in mind that getting ahead with the latest technology can be good for your business.

An effective property manager has an endearing attitude and takes initiative in making sure that they meet the needs of its renters. 

Yes, it’s not an easy task to do, but being a property manager can be very rewarding if it’s done right. That is, it can be very profitable.

If there’s more you need to know about proper commercial property management, let me know in the comments section below.

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