Common SEO Mistakes Manufacturing Companies Make

Common SEO Mistakes

Are the results of your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) disappointing? It might be a result of some very common SEO mistakes.

A lot of manufacturing companies don’t really take the importance of SEO seriously, and that limits their online reach.

Most of the time, manufacturing companies commit common SEO mistakes. And if you’re one of them, then it’s time to reevaluate your SEO strategies.

Here are the common SEO mistakes that manufacturing companies make.

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO optimization is your best approach to have a great website. But it’s easy to fall prey to common SEO mistakes when you don’t have a full understanding of what SEO is.

And one of the best ways to help you understand is to know the common SEO mistakes you must avoid.

But first, let me give you a brief background on what SEO is.

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What is the Meaning of SEO?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization.

Using SEO strategies help websites appear on the first page of search engines. A lot of companies increase traffic on sites by using SEO

SEO also involves a deep understanding of Google algorithm. And it could get really complicated.

Despite the help of SEO professionals, there are still manufacturing companies that fail because of the improper set up of SEO.

Improper SEO Setup

It is compulsory to assess the website of a client first. A single blunder alone is enough to lead to a failed SEO strategy.

The SEO strategy may also need to be easily “adjustable” as Google undergoes frequent algorithm updates. Updating your SEO strategies from time to time is just ideal. This allows your website to keep up with the changing Google algorithm and other ranking factors.

How do you know if your SEO is properly set up? Here are two ways to find out…

Check If Your Website Shows Full Details on Search Engine Results

A good SEO strategy should convey important details of your company. And this should be done easily.

Check it on your browser, hover the cursor to the tab of the website to see the domain name of your company and the “About Us “ content of the company too.

Check Meta Tags

Meta titles and descriptions are an important part of SEO. The title and description say what the page is all about. This allows users to know what they’re clicking on or if they should click on it.

On the search box of Google, type in your domain name, and on the Google search box, you will have a display of the entire site page the way Google has indexed it. That’s where to see whether your pages’ description and meta title are rightly done.

The meta title of your page should have the right keywords. On the other hand, the meta description should provide a brief information on what the page is about. It should also contain keywords and a call-to-action.

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Incorrect Usage of Keywords

Search queries and topics on manufacturing companies hardly reach in the 1000s and 10,000s a month. Having about 500 searches in the USA in manufacturing is being lucky.

A manufacturing company and a marketing agency can build a partnership, but manufacturing companies may encounter problems with marketing agencies that do not specialize in SEO.  

This is because these marketing agencies focus only on the demographics. Such agencies don’t understand how to work with specific keywords and phrases that are relevant to your company.

In that case, your content may be difficult to find because the keywords and phrases they use are not optimized to your target. You want to be found using target-specific keywords.

Take, for example, assembly and kitting companies stick to using “assemblies” and “kitting” as their keyword. These are common keywords with a high search volume. However, these keywords also bring a huge number of competitors.

In order to stand out, you should use keywords that are relevant to your company. This involves taking into consideration your target audience, your products and services, your specialties, and your location.

That is why working with an SEO company is highly-recommended for manufacturing companies. They can help your website rank thus boosting your business.

Incorrect Webpage Content structure

The minimum word count for each blog post is 300 words. And this is what most companies do. However, blog posts with 500-1200 words will attract more readers.

In the past, a blog content that contains all the necessary keywords help the page to rank. Today, Google cares more about the quality of the content.  

So, focus on producing great content instead of stuffing your blog posts with keywords.Your blog post should be relevant. Deliver useful information to your audience and Google will reward you for it.

One of the most common problem I see with most manufacturing companies is that they don’t write lengthy blog content.  Write quality content that is relevant to your industry and what you have to offer. This will help you establish authority online, which will help with your ranking.

Additionally, make sure to organize the appearance of your page. Use images that are related to your content. You can also images to break longer texts.

There is no need concentrating on a single keyword or phrase because Google’s ranking of websites is based on content.

You can use more than one keyword phrases but make sure that it will blend well in the content. Manufacturing companies may also take advantage of this to link products to their content.

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Inconsistent Blog Posting

Your content determines how your page will rank on search engines. With Google’s changing algorithms, your rank may change. And as I mentioned, the content of your post plays a huge role on this.

Posting a higher quality post is great. But you also have to be consistent. If your competitor is posting more regularly than you, that gives them more advantage over you.

One of the most common SEO mistakes of manufacturing is their inconsistency when it comes to posting content on their website.

Keep posting relevant content. Let’s say, if you commit to post once a week, then do it. It will also be better if you can post on the same day and the same time every week.  

Always make sure that your content brings value to your audience. Once that happens, you’ll notice high ranking and engagement on your posts.

Also, don’t forget that to better help with your Google ranking, your posts should be properly optimized.

Failure to Maintain SEO Strategies

Another common SEO mistakes of manufacturing companies is that they fail to maintain their SEO strategies. This is why they get a lower search volume that affects their ranking.

Manufacturing companies tend to forget that SEO changes and thus the need for maintenance.

Some of the best ways to maintain your SEO are: find new backlinks, continue to write quality content, and make minor on-page SEO changes.

Always give some time to making minor adjustments on your on-page SEO…


  • Phrases,
  • Content,
  • Meta texts,
  • Themes,
  • Meta descriptions, and
  • Alt tags on the image.


Your SEO strategies should be continuous. You don’t just stop after you implement your SEO strategies. There should always be continuous improvement. By doing so, this allows your company to keep up with the changing online trends.

The bottomline is, to look for an SEO company that is good enough at maintaining and utilizing SEO to improve your website results. It will take some time but once you’re on the first page of Google, it’s all going to be worth it!

Final Thoughts on Common SEO Mistakes Manufacturing Companies Make

In this post, we covered the common SEO mistakes that manufacturing companies make. SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It helps websites rank higher on search engines.

SEO optimization is most often the work of SEO companies. However, manufacturing companies tend to commit easy-to-avoid SEO blunders such as:


  • Failure to set up SEO properly,
  • Resorting to misuse of keywords, and
  • Posting irregularly.

In case you have any questions about common SEO mistakes manufacturing companies make, you can leave a comment below.

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