3 Ways to Create an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

3 Ways to Create an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Over 1 billion people like and comment an average of 3.2 billion times every day on Facebook.

When you have a strong presence on Facebook, your online business can become part of these conversations. You gain access to the most powerful method of word-of-mouth marketing.

This blog post talks about the initial steps you should take to start building an effective Facebook marketing strategy.

1. Clean Up Your Facebook Profile

Your Facebook profile gives your audience a first impression of who you are. Yet this is often where people who start promoting themselves on Facebook make their first mistake(s). Your Facebook profile page should be geared towards building relationships and promoting your personal brand.

It Starts With Your Profile Photo

Your Facebook profile photo is the first thing that people see… in face they see it well before they see your personal page. It is your calling card.

If you really want to build relationships based on trust and mutual respect, you need a good picture where people can clearly see your face. This is the number one reason people accept friend requests. Get a good, professional photo. At the very least, get a really clear, well lit one. I know you love your kids or pets, but don’t use them as your profile pic.

Make sure your picture is inviting and friendly.

Strategically Pick a Page Banner

Your page banner needs your personality and/or your life. Including family pictures or showing a favorite pastime of yours can be a great idea for that banner.

Optimize Your Profile Details – the About You

Ok, get rid of those “funny” pictures that cast a dubious shadow over you. Spend some time crafting your background story to make sure it reflects how you are a leader. It also needs to reflect your personality. Remember… you want to be yourself, but also attract the right type of people to your organization. You will attract to you what you portray to the world.

Stop the Games

Yeah, you knew that was coming. Stop the games. Trust me, your friends will probably breathe a sigh of relieve anyway that they are not getting invited to this game or that anyway. Games showing up on your wall don’t demonstrate that you are a “million bucks.”

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2. Build Your Following

You can strategically start building your following and increase social interaction.

Start Strategically Growing Your Friends List

There are two ways to go about growing the number of friends you have on Facebook: randomly or strategically. Since you are trying to help promote your business, focus on strategically adding friends. Decide what your interests are and what niche your business is in then seek out Influencers in those markets. Find groups that are of interest to you and then join that group.


Start liking other content. It only takes a split second to hit the like button. By doing that people are more likely to reciprocate to your content. By having more social interaction with your posts, it helps increase your edgerank and thus increased the probability people will see your posts. Facebook does not show all your friends’ posts on your feed… there is an algorithm that determines what you see based on the edgeranks.

3. Share Content, but Use Common Sense

Make sure you post at least 4-7 times a day, at different times through the day. You should have a mix of some motivational comments, content relevant to your niche, personal posts about your life and accomplishments, and pictures of you. Make sure your audience gets to know you, because people trust people they know.

Before you post anything, STOP, and think about what you want to write before you post an update, or upload a picture. If you find that you are posting pictures that would lessen your status as an authority then you want to think about why you’re using Facebook to begin with.

What do you want people to perceive you as? Someone who complains about politics? Someone who complains about their family?

Remember that people are watching you, even if you can’t see them.

Just the Beginning with Creating an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

I hope you enjoyed this post on the 3 Ways to Create an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy. Watch for more posts on more specific strategies for using Facebook to promote your business or interest.

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Article:  3 Ways to Create an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy