Dan Lok’s List of High-Income Skills That Can Make You Rich

Have you ever think that having a high-income skill can make you rich?

If you’ve been following Dan Lok on his YouTube channel, you’ll know that his advocacy is people to start learning high-income skills. Once a high-income skill is mastered, it can lead you to become a multimillionaire businessman like Dan Lok.

Have you already watched Dan Lok’s Wealth Triangle? If not, I’ll explain this to you. There are three components you must remember in Dan Lok’s wealth triangle. The first one is high-income skill, second is scalable business and the last one is high-return investments.

But today, we’ll focus on the first component of wealth triangle. This blog post will give you examples of high-income skills that can make you rich.

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High Income Skills You Should Start Learning

Dan Lok’s definition of high-income skills are skills that can earn you a minimum of $10,000 per month. These high-income skills deliver value to the marketplace that allows you to charge a lot of money.

Do you know that high-income is way better than a high-income job?

Because in a high-income job, your value is determined by your boss and not by the marketplace. Usually, the typical set up is your hours are traded for a set of dollars amount, and that amount is not set by you. There’s nothing you can do to increase your earnings at your job.

However, in a high-income skill, you can charge more to earn more. Besides, you’ll also learn at closing deals and easily charge higher prices for your skills. Just like a high-income job, you’re still trading your hours for money, but the difference is that you’re working for a higher price you’ve set. In short, you’re trading your hours for bigger money.

So without further ado, below is the list of high-income skills that Dan Lok have developed. These high-income skills will definitely help you to become a self-made millionaire businessman like Dan Lok.

High-Income Skill #1: Copywriting

The first high-income skill that Dan Lok developed in his twenties was copywriting. He was writing ads and sales letter for companies and entrepreneurs. He was earning over $10,000 per month using his copywriting skills. Because of this high-income skills, he feels like he’s already earning a million!

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High-Income Skill #2: Consulting

Since he was producing successful writing sales and marketing copies for his clients, some of his clients asking for his advice. They asked them how to use the copy for their businesses, and what marketing strategy should be used.

Because his clients are asking for his advice, this leads him to another idea. Dan Lok started to develop another high-income skill called consulting.

After establishing his first high-income skill and decided to transition into consulting, he started to earn more money. When clients avail his marketing consulting services, it started bringing an additional $120,000 per year in his pocket.

High-Income Skill #3: Motivational Public Speaking

Dan Lok becomes successful in providing internet marketing services for his clients. Because of that people started to recognize his achievements and success, that’s why they‘re asking on how to do that.

People asking him to teach them how to be successful in internet marketing. That’s why it gives him another idea to start public speaking.

Public speaking and teaching became his new high-income skills. He started creating workshops and seminars, and people are paying a lot of money just to hear his teachings. 

Today, he’s adding another six figures in his pocket by delivering a motivational and educational speech.

High-Income Skill #4: Platform Selling

After Dan Lok mastered public speaking, he knows that the next thing he should establish is platform selling. Platform selling is a very important skill for public speakers like him because public speaking doesn’t end with just talks. You need to have a deal, have to close.

In public speaking, you want people to listen to your talks and take initiative, and of course, this requires platform selling. He had to convince the audience to sign up and invest in his program. 

His education program cost thousand dollars and when people started to sign up, this will become another income to his pockets. Because of that, platform selling becomes his very valuable high-income skill.

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High-Income Skill #5: Investing

Dan Lok considers his ability to invest money wisely as another high-income skill. Because it’s important to know what to invest in, and how to invest your money correctly. That’s why many people are asking his advice on how to invest their money.

Because of that, learning how to invest also helped him to develop his consulting skills.

Final Thoughts on Dan Lok’s List of   Skills That Can Make You Rich

In this blog post, I discussed with you about Dan Lok’s high-income skills that help him to become multimillionaire businessman.

After mastering a high-income skill, you can add another skill on top of that. Dan Lok called it stacking on your success. But first, you need to have a layer of solid success to start with, then build another on top of it. Just like Dan Lok, he started on copywriting and stacked more high-income skills on top of that. You can also do the same thing.

You’ll never go wrong with high-income skills. Even when you make a big mistake in your business, or your business does poorly, your high-income skills will save you. You can rely on these skills and help you to make money easily.

The high-income skills mentioned above are skills which help Dan Lok to become a millionaire, however, your high-income skills could be also different. If you’re very good at what you do and solving problems you can probably earn over $10,000 per month. Your high-income skills can be graphic design, programming, and anything that delivers high value to the marketplace.

If you find this blog post informative or you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below.

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