Does Social Media Marketing Work Or Is It A Distraction?

Social Media Target Market How to Determine Your Target Market

“Does Social Media Marketing Work?” written by Mike Marko.

Have you wondering does social media marketing work, or is it a distraction?

For many people, social media is a HUGE distraction in their business.

It took me over a year in online marketing before I started to “understand” the answer to “does social media marketing work”… and then I started to learn how to take advantage of some of the major platforms out there.

Today I’ll be going into some detail about does social media marketing work, setting stage for upcoming blog posts.

Does Social Media Marking Work

Watch the following video where I talk about does social media marketing work.

For online marketing, there are probably four major social media marketing platforms you can use for your business.

1. YouTube

Video is a powerful media for getting your message out there.  And not only does YouTube help you get your message out there, but it is also has the second most popular search engine (Google being #1).

Use YouTube to connect with your audience through the power of video.  Use it to leverage your time when it comes to entertaining or providing information to a large audience.  When you know how to properly rank your videos, it can provide you with a lot of traffic to  your website.

2. Facebook

As of November 2015, Facebook passed 1.19 billion monthly active users, 874 million mobile users, and 728 million daily users.

That means there are a LOT of potential customers on Facebook.

And the platform keeps making it easier to market to potential customers.  Sometimes I think it is a marketing platform first, then a social media platform.

There are so many uses for Facebook that it can be spread out over a series of blog posts (watch for them soon).

3. Instagram

Instagram is basically a social media platform to post pictures.  You get to share  your favorite pictures with the world.

Through the use of hashtags, you can use it to target particular niches and zero in on your target customer.

When you use multiple accounts, you can build up several targeted accounts that speak out towards your audience.

4. Twitter

It took me two years of online marketing before I finally “understood” Twitter.

Before that, I thought it was useless and a waste of time.  I thought, “Why would someone care about these short messages when you can get better information on Facebook.”

But over the past few months I started to take a second look at Twitter, and after some digging, realized that I was missing out huge. So I started to get mentoring and pay for learning documents to learn about Twitter.

Now Twitter is one of my favorite platforms.

Link Them Together

Social media works best when you link them together.  I prefer to build up following on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram separately, then link them over to Facebook where I can more easily connect with the person.

Each social media platform has their own advantages.  The key is to take advantage of them and then tie them in together.

Final Thoughts About Does Social Media Marketing Work…

As I talked about in the video, and in this article, I have found that social media marketing does really work.  You just need to pick the correct platforms, and weave the platforms you do use together to make them even stronger.

Watch for future blog posts where I talk about these forms of social media in greater detail.


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Article: Does Social Media Marketing Work?

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