Ready Fire Aim – Don’t Over Analyze Things

Ready Fire Aim – Don’t Over Analyze Things” by Mike Marko.

It is easy to over analyze things.  You have doubts about a course of action, or you are unsure of yourself, and you want to make sure you know EVERYTHING before you start.

But you know what?  You are actually hurting yourself.

There is a price to be paid for inaction.  When you over analyze a situation or action, it causes you to delay what you need to do.

You lose out on opportunity and waste time.

Over Analyze by Learning

You know the phrase, “knowledge is power.”  But the problem is that phrase is only partially true.

The phrase should be “learning by taking action is true power.”  You can be the smartest person in the world, but if you just sit there learning more and more but don’t apply it, you are not powerful at all.

Over Analyze and Trying to Know Everything First

You will never know everything.  And you will never get it perfect the first time.

Please read that last paragraph again.  It is important that you think about what it means.

First of all you can learn and learn and learn.  Unfortunately the truth is that you will never learn it all because things keep changing.  People make new discoveries, have different perspectives, etc.

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Things Will Always Keep Changing

With the internet, including making money using the internet, things are constantly changing.  New programs are being written, platforms like Facebook & YouTube are evolving, and Google is changing their search algorithms constantly.

Add on top of it the HUGE amount of knowledge on the internet.

Yet people still try to learn as much as they can, attending seminars, watching videos, reading blogs, etc. waiting until they know enough to get started.

This is a classic case of someone when they over analyze something and never take action.

Over Analyze Examples

Going through and watching training videos, attending seminars, and doing everything they can to learn how to blog is an example of over analyzing.

Asking a ton of questions over a period of days about an affiliate program like IPAS2 they want to join when there is a trial that costs only $7 and they can have their questions answered first hand is an example of over analyzing.

I even did it myself a couple years ago when I took six months to decide to spend $25 to see what blogging and Empower Network was first hand.  I look back and though it was foolish to wait that long because I wanted to make sure I spent that $25 wisely… what a waste of time!

There are many more examples of over analyzing before taking action that I see daily.

Ready Fire Aim

Don’t over analyze and prevent yourself from taking action. The best way to stop yourself from over analyzing is to take action.

And don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

You will make mistakes.  You will make them no matter how much you study something.

So might as well take action now and make the mistakes sooner and get them out of the way.

What is the worst that can happen from making a mistake?  I bet that it isn’t debilitating if you closely monitor your results and make change early as you can once you detect bad results.  And even then often you can correct course by making a minor adjustment.

It is easy to correct the direction of something moving than something standing still.

You know you want it.  Just take it.

You know you want to do it.  Just do it.

Reading and learning is not the same thing as making progress towards your goals.  If you want something, your action should take 90% of your available time while learning should only be 10%.

Don’t over analyze it.  Make it happen today.  Worse case you go back and make some corrections.  But it is far better to learn by making mistakes than not taking action.

What are you holding yourself back from achieving today?

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Article: Ready Fire Aim – Don’t Over Analyze Things

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