Don’t Stress the The Secret of Youth

Don’t Stress the The Secret of Youth.

As an esthetician and massage therapist, I’ve worked in the spa industry for years. I’ve helped various clients by teaching them about the top skin care products, procedures and treatments, and over the years I’ve seen varying degrees of success in all the procedures that the medical spa industry has to offer.

After observing several hundred clients, I came to realize that no matter how much money you spend on products, procedures and surgeries they can only do so much to give the body and face health.

It’s the thoughts you think every day that can either give you a beautiful glow or make your body and face haggard and tired looking.

I can think of one client, in particular, who used all of the top of the line skin care products, chemical peels and injections of botox and fillers, but the fact that she was going through a nasty divorce which involved her husband being with another woman made her dwell on thoughts and feelings of resentment and jealousy, making her look tired and worn, overriding all of the expensive anti aging procedures she was having done.

Positive life style choices, such as a healthy diet and limited sun exposure are important for a youthful appearance, but if you practice these and still have the stress of judgment, guilt, anger or resentment in your heart, it will still show on your face.

Don’t make the mistake of avoiding junk food and thinking junk thoughts!

It is Stress You Have to Worry About

When stress from negative thoughts continues over a sustained period of time it can have devastating results.

Check your thoughts throughout the day. Ask yourself Is this a thought of Love or fear? It cannot be both. Love is real and fear is an illusion. Always choose what is real-loving thoughts. Ask the holy spirit/universe for help.

It’s as simple as asking, “How can I see this situation differently? How does God see this? Surrender all ideas of fear at the feet of God and go forth to be free to offer only love to the situation.

When you choose LOVE and let go of fear  you go into you’re naturally state of joy and happiness and then anything that you need to assist you can come through This is the place of miracles.

Blessings to you

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Article:  Don’t Stress the The Secret of Youth

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