How Do You Earn Extra Money for an Early Retirement?


How Do You Earn Extra Money for an Early Retirement?

This is the question that went through my mind probably eight years ago.

I had planned on buying rental property, and so after getting my Green Card (yeah, I’m a Canadian living in the United States) I was able to start making money outside my regular job.

I bought one house… another house… and so on. And before I knew it I had over a dozen homes over a period of a few years.

The plan was that the homes would be paid off over time and I would retire by the time I was 55.

But with repairs, and some troublesome tenants, that plan started looking a bit shaky… plus in order to do what I wanted I would need a bunch more rentals.

And so I was stuck.

How do you earn extra money for an early retirement when the traditional ways seem to be shaky and inefficient at best?  I needed a new plan.

A Bright Idea

It was a couple years ago that Bren and I were then introduced to affiliate marketing as a way to earn extra money.

And we were very leery of the idea.  It wasn’t like owning rental properties where you had a tangible asset like a house. Instead you had “virtual real estate” in the form of a website.

And I knew very little about marketing online. Previously, the closest I came was a webpage I made eight years prior that lasted a year before I grew tired of trying to keep up with the html programming.

But this was different.

You didn’t need to know html at all. No programming.  And best of all no tenants to deal with. 😉

So after debating it for several months… we took the plunge and invested $25. Yeah, I know. That is nothing. Going to the movies cost more. Bren and I laugh when we look back and realize how ridiculous it was to agonize about a $25 investment… but that’s what we did.

And we were very glad we did because it brought early retirement a lot closer to us.

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What We Discovered About “How to Earn Extra Money for Retirement”

The world of online marketing, affiliate marketing, and MLM’s was opened up to us. It was like someone showed us what was behind mysterious doors… and we surprised at what we discovered.

Regular people… everyday people… were making money online.

Now I knew what was possible.

Sure I read articles and saw the occasional news report.  But this now seemed a lot more real.

And within reach.

So Bren and I dove right in.  We discovered that with the right mentor, and modelling what they did, it was very possible to make money online. It really wasn’t that difficult at all.

They showed you how to get leads, or potential customers, and help convert them into sales.

This stuff would work for anyone, and people could even use it to help promote their brick-and-mortar stores if they wanted.

We found this a lot of fun. So we were hooked.

Takes a Bit of Time

Building an online business does take a bit of time and doesn’t happen overnight (if someone tells you otherwise… RUN!). We run our business part time (since I have a full time job right now)… and when we hit an income level twice my engineering job plus a six month reserve then I’ll be switching over to the online business full time.

So I spend some time each night working our business, and I steal some time during the day at work. Bren also spend a few hours a day building the business as well.

We are a team.

And we have a fun time doing this together.

The best part is that we can run our business from anywhere. If we want, it can be run off our iPhones while we are on vacation.

I can’t think of better way to earn extra money for retirement. We are our own bosses (ok, Bren is the boss.) 😉

If you want to learn more about how we run our online business to get our early retirement, check out our free bootcamp video series by clicking the banner below.

Here’s to your future success!

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