How to Choose Your Email Marketing Software for Your Business

How to Choose Your Email Marketing Software for Your Business

How to Choose Your Email Marketing Software for Your Business” written by Mike Marko.

Building an email list is the cornerstone of building an effective online marketing strategy.  It doesn’t matter if your business is either online or offline, if you don’t take advantage of this time proven method of marketing you are at a disadvantage relative to your competitors.

Since you already understand the importance of email marketing software, and are now looking to choose, a tool for your business, let’s dive right in.

Proper Email Marketing Software for Your Business

You could have the best email marketing campaign is in terms of content.  You could have a HUGE mailing list.  But f you do not have the proper tool to distribute your emails and then check the results, all of your hard work will be in vain. Email marketing software is designed to make sending emails and tracking results easier so you can be more effective.

There are a large number of companies offering different email marketing solutions. Some email software can only help you distribute your emails, while others feature comprehensive statistics facilities.  Not all email marketing software programs are treated equal.  The best email marketing software should help you:

  • Easily send attractive email messages;
  • Measure and track the response from your readers;
  • Keep your subscriber list accurate and up-to-date;
  • Make sure your emails arrive on-time, every time.

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Ok, so that makes sense.  But there is a lot more to email marketing software.  So when choosing email marketing software for your business, keep these key points in mind:

Key Point #1: Features to Look for In Your Email Marketing Software

The tools that your email marketing software provides is key for your success.  If you do not get the right tools then you are not being as efficient as you can be.   Good email marketing software should have tools that:

Allow you to distribute targeted emails.  In other words you should be able to easily create different group of email subscribers and post messages separately to each group.

Make it easy to subscribe or un-subscribe  and ensure compliance with anti-spam rules.   Your email management system should make sure your emails always identify who you are and automatically include an unsubscribe link. This will help you comply with the CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation) laws that came into effect July 1, 2014.

Give you sophisticated statistics.  You should be able to easily see the number of the emails sent, the number of the emails opened, and link tracking.   The software should show statistics in the form of percentages for things like the ratio between the people who opened the email and those who received it, the people who received it and who unsubscribed, the people who opened it and those who clicked on a link, etc…

Key Point #2: Help You Make Great Looking Emails

When your subscribers receive your emails first impressions count!  Your email marketing software must make it easy for you to create beautiful and engaging email messages.  These emails have to look good no matter where or how they’re viewed. The keys to this are your templates and the software’s built-in email editor:

Ready-to-use email templates.   Your email marketing software should provide attractive, ready-to-use email templates that are mobile-ready.  By mobile-ready I mean they work well on both desktop email clients and mobile devices: the layout adjusts to suit the screen width and features of whatever device it is viewed on.

Custom-designed templates.  You want the ability to create your own email templates so your emails can match your brand, website, and unique content.

Plain-text messages.  Since some people prefer not to receive graphic or HTML-based emails, you need to be able to automatically include a plain-text version of your message.

Easy-to-use email editor. Creating your emails must be easy and intuitive.  You want to be able to quickly create, preview and update your emails from within your browser.

Send test emails.  Your email marketing software should let you send an unlimited number of test emails to yourself and others.  Test emails help you make sure your email message looks perfect before you send it out to your readers.

Key Point #3: Easy Management of Your Email Subscribers

Email Marketing SoftwareEmail marketing software helps you focus on your business, rather than the administrative aspects of managing your email list.  It should be help you with:

Complete list management.  Your email tool should automatically handle all new signups, unsubscribes, bounces and spam complaints behind the scenes so you never need to go in and do manual updates.

Single and double opt-in lists.  You want the option to be able to ask new subscribers to confirm their email address when joining your list, or to import existing “confirmed” emails to your subscriber list.

Unlimited number of email lists.  You should be able to create as many email lists as you want.  This will help you group your subscribers to go through different autoresponder sales funnels, or to send different broadcasts or newsletters.  If may want to send different emails to people interested in different offers or programs.

Subscriber preference management.  You have a better chance of keeping subscribers when they can update their contact details (such as a change in email address) and manage their own preferences (like areas of interest or message frequency).

Able to build custom opt-in forms.  The ability to customize opt-in forms for people to subscribe to yoru mailing lists can help you better target your audience.  You want opt-in forms that are easily built, and do not require you to write the code.

Allow you to export your subscriber list and create backups.  Your email list is a very important part of your online business marketing, therefore maintaining a backup of that list is critical. Make sure your email marketing software allows you to select the fields you want to export from any subscriber list into a spreadsheet or text file.

Key Point #4: Email Marketing Software Marketing Reports

Good email marketing software has a number of automatically generated reports to help you understand how your email campaigns are doing at a glance. While this is not a show stopper if your email marketing software doesn’t have this, it is a tool that will help you make your email campaigns more effective.

Deliverability with email marketing softwareKey Point #5: Email Messages that Get Delivered Every Time

All too often email marketing campaigns fail because the emails do not get delivered.  Therefore your email marketing software should help you improve your deliverability:

Schedule your email delivery.  You should be able to schedule your emails they arrive at the day and time you want (this is even better if you can set it so it arrives at whatever time you want no matter where your subscriber lives in the world).  Not only does this allow you to schedule the email around your day, rather than scheduling your day around the email, it also helps you target precise delivery times.  With some experimentation you may find that emails delivered at a specific day and time may have a better chance of being opened.

Perform spam tests.  Your email marketing software should be able to help you test your email against popular spam filters at the desktop, server, and firewall level prior to sending.  It should be able to help you identify what parts of your email that may be flagged as spam, and therefore allow you to make the necessary changes before sending.

Key Point #6: The Cost Of Your E-mail Software

There is a lot of software out there to choose form, set a budget and find software within that budget. There are plenty of programs that will do the work you need.  Some of these email marketing software programs are not that expensive. Be careful about the cost – some companies charge per number of emails sent, while other companies have flat monthly fees depending on the size of your email list.

Which Email Marketing Software To Choose?

Many of the more popular email marketing software have different ways of addressing these features.  Make sure you take advantage of the trials that they offer to make sure you like how they work.

Two of the more popular email marketing software are Aweber and GetResponse.  Bren and I use both of these tools in our business.

If you want to see a thorough review of each of these tools, we discuss both of these in our Aweber vs. GetResponse review.

Whatever email marketing software you choose, you need to make sure it is the best fit for your business.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us to ask us questions.

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