Essential Tips For Using Twitter For Business

Essential Twitter Business Tips For Consultants

“Essential Tips For Using Twitter For Business” written by Mike Marko.

Do you know that you can effectively use Twitter for business?

Let me show you how to use Twitter for your business and be more successful.

Tips For Using Twitter For Business

In the world of business, there are a lot of different ways on how to market your brand, what you do and what you offer. But do you know that social media like Twitter are one of the effective ways to have a successful business? Let me show you how to use Twitter for your business success.

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Twitter BIO

Start getting attention by having a good Twitter BIO, since we are not using Twitter for a daily sharing of thoughts showing your hobbies but mainly we use Twitter for business, make sure that your company identity and voice are branded well, that means you have to have a bio that tells people who you are what you offer and the links to your company website or a landing page. Make sure to have a good pattern so that people can clearly understand who you are and what you do.

Profile Photo

Your profile photo will always appear to everyone who follows you on every tweet you do, It is a good opportunity to use a business image as your profile photo that will stick to everyone who follows you. The thing is that the Twitter profile photo is pretty small than others, but by using a logo or a personal headshot this will still give a good amount of impact on your followers.

You can focus on your face, nobody wants to see you standing on a garden holding flowers and they don’t care about what you wear either. So remember we don’t do this for fame but we use Twitter for business purposes.

Visual Branding

Twitter already came up with different ways to make your profile different from others. Twitter now allows us to customize the looks and colors of your profile page. This is another good way for you to show your business logos and offers. You can make a customize graphics of your brand so that everyone can see you and the logo that you have for your business as your background.

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Update Bio

Having the Twitter bio is a way for you to tell your followers what your business is and the things that you offer, but that is a lot of information that is filled into just a few words.

So for you to update your bio, look at your business Twitter profile with fresh eyes. Then rewrite it so it tells potential clients how you can help them and what they can get from connecting with you. Mark your calendar on when to update your bio, because even the best bio gets dull over time.

Twitter Landing Page

Twitter bio is very limited for you to really share the followers more of your business and for you to use Twitter for business, you have to make some ways on how will you be able to introduce your business. A lot of people on Twitter use their Twitter web link to drop the people to their websites. But you can make a special Twitter landing page and use that as your Twitter profile web address.

A Twitter landing page is a special website on your Twitter page that is designed to introduce your followers to your business. This is a great thing that tells us that we really can use Twitter for business.

Social Interactions

Who to follow

You should follow everyone who talks to you on Twitter. Social media is about conversation. That means you have to talk and listen. Make sure to read tweets and interact, share your thoughts and idea.

This will not only boost up your followers but this is also another way for you to introduce your business to those who you talk to. If you listen to them and interact they will also listen to you and interact, this will give you ideas if these people need you for your business. So make sure to follow everyone and talk to them!

Make your Twitter Account Public

Make sure to publicize your Twitter account, this will make it easy for people to find your business. Make sure to add your Twitter name as well to all your business page and materials. Because we use Twitter for business, we have to always remember to share it post it and publicize it.

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Follow your Customers

We use Twitter for business so you have to connect to your customers and even to your target customers. It is difficult for you to know which of your customers are on Twitter, that is why it is very important for you to advertise your Twitter account to your customers. That way your customers will be able to find you.

Tweet Regularly

Being consistent and active is what you need if you use Twitter for business if you are a person who always wanna be on top of the game you will never miss any update that you have from your business. Future customers also wanna know a lot of things and updates from you.

So if you want to grow your business on Twitter faster, you have to tweet regularly. Make sure that you always think before you tweet because people don’t want to see any nonsense tweets from you and you also don’t want to tweet something that will not help your business to grow.

Use Twitter for Business Now!

So if you have a business and you don’t have a Twitter account yet, use Twitter for business now.  I guarantee you that every tweet counts to your business success. Always remember that this is not the only way to have a successful business this is just one way to help your business grow and become successful. And always remember to think before you tweet!.

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