Essential Tips To Increase Followers On Instagram


“Essential Tips To Increase Followers On Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

Do you want to build your own community using Instagram? Do you love posting unique contents?

I understand because a lot of my clients ask me to help them with the same questions.

That’s why today I want to address that.  Let me help you boost up your game on Instagram. As we go along I will share the most effective tips to increase your followers on Instagram.

Tips On How to Increase Followers On Instagram

There are a lot of things to cover so let’s start with your Instagram profile.

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How to Optimize Your Profile

Customize your Instagram profile and make it good, tell everyone who you are, what you can offer and give them a reason to follow you.

Start by making your username recognizable and easily searchable. You can use your business name.

If it is already taken try to keep your business name on the first part and put numbers or anything that you want, this will help your potential followers find you easily and will increase your followers fast.

Make your Profile Public

Make sure your profile is public by just opening Instagram, open “options” and make sure that the “Private Account” is turned off. This will let your target community have an easy access on your profile and will possibly increase your followers on Instagram.  

Set a Profile Picture

Choose a profile picture that’s on brand with your other social media, a company logo or even your own picture.

Make sure that it is eye catchy that people will wonder who you are. and will make them want to follow you and share your profile with others.

This will possibly be the first picture they will see from you so make sure to choose the best photo that represents yourself and will portray quality contents

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Fill Bio

Fill the bio with delightful, actionable, and informative information about you and your brand. Show them what you do, what you offer and add a hint of your personality. Make your bio striking to everyone leave a mark to your audience by putting the best representation of you.

Be Active

For you to increase your followers make sure that you are active and have a schedule on when to post your contents, you can have at least one content per day.

This will let all the users know that you post every day and will give you more exposure to their feeds. Make your contents always available to them that way they always notice your existence to the account.


Having hashtags on every post or update that you do will expose your content and will tie your content to other of the same content.  Make sure you have the right hashtag that is connected to the content.

Be specific, relevant and clever in choosing one and one important thing, don’t hashtag everything have a limit in the number of hashtags per post.

Using unbranded hashtag can also make your own community which is relevant to your business this will make your customers love your contents even more and wanting to look forward to your next content.

Photograph Skills

Since Instagram is a mobile app, chances are most of your photos will be taken from your mobile device, it is ok, it is expected but some other brands have their professional photography for their Instagram photos.

You can also step up your game by making your photos in a professional photography level. You can do that! You just have to have good and quality camera and at least a basic knowledge of editing.

You may also use your mobile phone you can use a ton of mobile app that will make your photos look like it was shot professionally you just have to be creative.

Here are my tips for you, focus on one subject at a time, embrace negative space, find interesting; perspective, look symmetry, capture small details and the most important is make your followers laugh. These tips will increase the chance of more likes and more followers.

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Captions may not be the focus of your content because of the photos and videos which are the main thing. But captions should never be an afterthought. They are very important in completing the feels to your content. It is the icing on the cake if you will.

Creative captioning makes the content even more meaningful. There are some followers who are looking for good captions it may be a quotation or a description of the photo or video.

Another way to increase your followers is to engage your current followers or ask questions or have some sort of call-to-action in the captions of your photos.

You may ask them what kind of content do they want on the next posts or ask them to share or like if they find the photos relatable.  

Unique Photos

Post a unique photo that everyone will remember, something that is striking and will make your followers go back and check the photo again. This will test your creativity, talent and of course patience.

Not everyone will be pleased to your content but always remember to make your own brand and make your followers love every content.

Promote your account

Promoting your Instagram on your other social media accounts will also help you increase your followers on Instagram.

Some of your followers on facebook, twitter or any other social media may not know your account on Instagram so let them know your existence by linking your other social media on every post that you do.

Find your Community

No matter how big the number of user’s Instagram has, there is always a way for you to find your own community whether it is for fashion, health, food, beauty, and even business, your community definitely exists.

Look for the community by knowing the top influencers within the community, hashtags to be directed to all the contents that will also give you ideas for your contents, the style and subject matter shared by the top accounts.

Popular engagement tactics used within the community. take a look as well to the comments and likes to have an idea on how to respond to those who patronize those on top.  

Tell a story

Aside from posting unique contents tell a story make your own. Remember the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words?”

This is definitely true; your photos will show a lot of stories depending on your audience’s personality or experience. And these stories will definitely make each and every follower want more stories and some of them will share the stories to other and this will also help you to earn more followers.

Make your story shareable

Another thing to increase your followers on Instagram is to the number of shares your content has.

On every content, there should be a relevance to your viewer something that they can relate with and want to share it with their friends and family.

The content should teach them a lesson will make them feel that the content can be useful to their accounts and viewers as well this will increase your followers even more and make your community even bigger.


After interaction is done and you already build a good relationship with your co-creator those have the same audience that you have you might ask to do some co-promotion on each other. you may ask them to tag you or mention you on a post that has the same content as your post.

Getting Quality Followers

Increasing your followers on Instagram is our goal but having quality and real followers and likers is really the primary goal.

Just think of it as a level of popularity. Let’s say you have a follower who has thousands of followers and the other only has less than a thousand. The possibility of getting followers on the more popular creator is higher than the other one.

Of course, everyone can follow but for you to gain quality followers depend on your level of contents as well so make the most on every content you post to increase the chance of getting quality followers as well.

Final Words About Increasing Followers On Instagram

Now, what are you waiting for? Blind them with your photos, interest them by your creativity. and post your photos now!

Having thousands of followers won’t happen overnight, but posting strong and striking content will build your community just always remember to be unique and follow the tips I provided and soon you will.

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