Everyday is Wisdom with Guest Tshombe Brown – Part 1

Everyday Is Wisdom

“Everyday is Wisdom with Guest Tshombe Brown – Part 1” written by Guest Contributor.

Everyday is Wisdom is a show where I bring you interviews with some of the most inspirational people that the world has to offer. Your life connects you with wisdom every day so that you can co-create with the universe in the areas of relationships, health, and finances

Guest Tshombe Brown

The ultimate goal in life is joy and laughter and these are the best words to describe Tshombe Brown’s energy and spirit. Listen in on this episode of Everyday is Wisdom as Tshombe shares his wisdom about life, marketing, and business sales.

Tshombe works with healers, body workers, and yoga instructors. He encourages a paradigm shift. He says that “Selling and marketing a business is really about coaching and helping others to get what they want.”

Magnetic Distinction with Tshombe Brown

In this episode Tshombe talks about:

  • By developing magnetic distinction in your messaging you are bringing all of YOU to your marketing and selling; It’s about being distinct. If you’re struggling to find what makes you distinct, a key place to look is where you might be embarrassed or ashamed. That’s the thing that people love about you.
  • The magnetic distinction is who you are and how you are perceived when you are fully self-expressed. Our work is to get back to being fully self-expressed. It’s how you are when you are your best expression of God. It’st taking off all the pretend pieces that have been layered on over time. All your work is to unpeel the layers.
  • “The shadow” are things that we think are horrible and bad about us. In terms of business, your most profitable essence has to do with those shadow pieces. You don’t want to market to everyone.Being transparent gives you credibility with the people that need to hear it.

Tshombe Brown is a Spiritual Business and Sales Success Coach and the founder of SellingWithSpirit.com.  He specializes in supporting healers, bodyworkers, and yoga instructors to easily attract their best clients.

VIDEO: Everyday Is Wisdom with Guest Tshombe Brown

Thank you, Tshombe!


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Article:  Everyday is Wisdom with Guest Toshombe Brown – Part 1

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