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If you’re looking to boost your Facebook business strategy, then you’ve come to the right page. 

Like most businesses today, you, too, may have been using Facebook to promote what your business has to offer. 

And there’s really no surprise there! Facebook is loaded with marketing features that can really help businesses reach their maximum potential. 

However, using Facebook can be frustrating. 

It becomes frustrating when you reach a certain point wherein you feel like your desired results are out of reach. 

That’s why you need the right strategy. The right strategy will help you achieve greater business results. 

So, if you’ve been using Facebook for your business for a while and you haven’t seen any improvements, then you’re probably doing it wrong! 

Now, let’s talk about how you can improve your Facebook business strategy

There are useful tools that you can use to make your business strategy more effective. And in this blog post, I’m going to talk about these useful tools that you can use for your Facebook marketing. 

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Have a Better Facebook Business Strategy with Marketing Tools

To make your Facebook business strategy to work, you need online marketing tools. 

There are a lot of marketing tools that are available online today. Each marketing tool carries a different set of features. 

But before we get into that, I’ll discuss with you first why you should use Facebook for your business.

Why Your Business Needs to Be on Facebook

In the United States alone, Facebook already has over 100 million users. And with that said, an average Facebook user spend over 55 minutes a day scrolling through their newsfeed

When your business reaches a huge percentage of users who are interested in your business, this gives you a chance to improve on different aspects of business. 

Some of these aspects are your sales and reach. But, you can’t easily reach your target audience and get the results that you want on the platform. 

Based on a recent survey that involved 600,000 Facebook fan pages, only 4% have 10,000 or more fans. While 76% have 100,000 or more. 

This only shows that business competition on the platform is really tight. 

In order for your business to stand out, you really have to ensure your Facebook page is active and is relevant to your audience. In order to do that, I suggest you make use of marketing tools as part of your marketing plan. 

My blog post — the Complete Guide on Marketing Business on Facebook will give you more reasons why you need to use Facebook for your business. 

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Facebook Marketing Tools

When you’re marketing your business on the internet, it only makes sense that you stay online. An updated Facebook page often gets the attention it needs from its target audience. 

That’s why you should constantly post and have targeted ads on Facebook. These can create engagement and boost brand awareness. 

That’s why your Facebook business strategy should address how you can keep your page active on Facebook. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you spend all your time on the platform. 

And that’s when the online marketing tools I mentioned earlier comes in. These tools will help guarantee that your Facebook page is up-to-date even when you’re not online. 

Here, I’ll share with you some of the best online marketing tools that you can use for your Facebook business strategy. 


This is a Facebook Ad tool that allows for easier and faster ad creation and optimization. 

Founded in 2013, the tool has become one of the most preferred marketing tools today. Its user-friendly interface is also highly-remarkable as it allows easy creation of Facebook and Instagram ads. 

It also features an analytics tool that is easy to understand. This tool feature will show users which ads are working well. 

These features are enough to say that you need this for your Facebook business strategy.


For those who are looking to remarket their Facebook page or webpage, this tool is the most ideal. This is a retargeting tool that is built for online marketers. It’ll help convert previous visitors into customers. 

This works on various devices and platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook. With that, it makes a good tool for your Facebook business strategy.

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This tool has so much to give for an online marketing tool. It can help increase the performance, scale, and Return On Investment (ROI) of your Facebook ad campaigns. It also lets you automate the campaign creation. 

Aside from these, it also provides the following features that will be useful for your Facebook business strategy: 

  • Ad creation,
  • Optimization,
  • Analysis & reporting, and
  • Targeting.

With these features, ad management and dealing with customers are easier. 


Ideal for those who have multiple social media platforms, this tool will help automate ad campaigns. It can also put them on autopilot with alerts and rules. 

It also comes with an A/B testing along with monitoring features. These are proven to be useful for multiple ads management. And of course, for Facebook business strategy.

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This online marketing tool can give businesses a huge advantage against competitors. It can provide a significant amount of leads and covert it into sales. 

To make it happen, all you need to do is apply these 4 steps for your Facebook ads: 

  • Create,
  • Automate,
  • Trigger, and
  • Lead response. 

The tool also lets you create audiences based on tags. This will give you a chance to show your ads to the right audience at the right time. 

Hootsuite Ads

When it comes to scheduling updates, this tool is the most used. This will help you manage your Instagram and Facebook ads. 

It’ll help you manage and optimize your advertisements in an easier way. It will let you create a custom campaign to help you reach your desired business goals. 

To add to that, it can automatically scan your Facebook pages. Through this, it’ll help you see the best posts that will help in promoting your business. 

Want to learn more about Facebook marketing? Visit my blog post on the Complete Guide on Marketing Business on Facebook. It’ll also help you strengthen your Facebook business strategy!

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Final Thoughts on Best Tools for Facebook Business Strategy

In this post, I discussed the useful tools that you can use for your Facebook business strategy. With these tools, there’s really no reason why your business shouldn’t be on Facebook. 

Being able to connect with millions of Facebook users will be beneficial for your business. With this kind of connection, you’ll have a wider audience to introduce your products and services to. 

But, it’s not that easy to reach your target audience on the platform. Your page needs to stand out in order to attract users. For you to be able to do this, you need a Facebook business strategy and online marketing tools. 

There are many marketing tools online that can keep your page active. There are some tools that will help in post and ads scheduling. There are others that will expose your page and ads to the right audiences. 

If you want to learn more about how you can maximize Facebook for your business, talk to us. Here at IM Consultant Services, we provide social media marketing, SEO, and other marketing services. 

If you have any questions about Facebook business strategy, you can leave a comment below. 

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