Importance of Using Facebook for Marketing

A lot of people nowadays are using Facebook for marketing as an important part of their business. 

Indeed, this is true. 

Facebook has a huge impact when it comes to communication and connecting with other people across the globe. 

This is why businesses have greatly benefited from using Facebook for marketing.   

Through using Facebook for marketing, various brands have found numerous opportunities to publicize their services and make themselves known across the globe. 

However, I know that some of you are still in search of specific reasons why using Facebook for marketing is important. 

In this blog post, I’ll let you know the importance of using Facebook for marketing. 

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Reasons Why Using Facebook for Marketing is Important 

As of January 29, Facebook already has 2.42 billion active users per month. 

There are 5 user profiles created on the platform every second. 

Also, its users are not limited to the US only. 

There are also as many as over 307 million Europeans on the platform. 

This makes Facebook an ideal platform to market your business. 

This is because of the huge number of users you can market your products and services into. 

However, before we delve deeper into the importance of using Facebook for marketing, let’s talk about Facebook marketing first. 

What is Facebook Marketing? 

When we say Facebook marketing, it’s the process of using Facebook to connect with a target audience or potential customers. 

To start, you’ll need to have a Facebook page which will serve as a representation of your business on the platform. 

Business users post updates, promotions, ads, and events on their pages.

Some of these businesses who are using Facebook for marketing also make use of Facebook ad campaigns. 

Also, Facebook users follow business pages that interests them. 

This information is just the basic of using Facebook for marketing. 

There are a lot of methods and factors that affect Facebook marketing. However, we can’t cover them here since we will be focusing on the importance of using Facebook for marketing. 

Why Should You Use Facebook for Marketing? 

This time, we’ll be discussing why you should be using Facebook for marketing. 

I know that you have already seen much of what Facebook can do to improve your business. 

Its wide user base and it’s one of the most accessed social networks, among others.

In fact, there are 50% of users that check on their Facebook profiles every single day. While there are only 20% of users on YouTube that do the same. 

This is why in this article, we’ll be talking about the importance of using Facebook for marketing. 

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Using Facebook for marketing, no matter how big or small your business might be, is cost-effective. 

This is because most of its tools are free. So you won’t have to worry about spending money while doing your campaign on the platform. 

If you choose to engage in paid promotions or ads, you still won’t have to worry because using Facebook for marketing won’t be expensive even then. 

See, Facebook gives its users a lot of options when it comes to ad spend and ad control. 

For instance, there are two main tools that you can use in the platform when it comes to paid promotions. They are the Cost per Million (CPM) and the Cost per Action (CPA). 

CPM charges every thousand impressions while the CPA charges every click. 

The CPM is a tool that shows your ads to people who are more likely to show any interest in it. CPA is based on user actions when they see your ads. 

All you have to learn is how to control your payment options while you’re using Facebook for marketing. 

Updated Features 

All of Facebook’s features are updated. 

Using Facebook for marketing is highly effective because its developers constantly update its features. 

Here is why:


  •     To increase the safety of its users and marketers,
  •     To offer new advertisement forms, and
  •     To offer new bidding options.

This is why using Facebook for marketing is a great chance for business owners to step up their game on the web. 

On Facebook, you don’t have to worry about the effectivity of the tools because they’re already being taken care of by its developers. 

Client Engagement 

Last but not the least when it comes to the importance of using Facebook for marketing is that you can easily get engagements on the platform. 

All you have to do is create a page on the platform and engage! 

See, it offers consumers a medium to reach the brand that they desire. 

Also, there is this “private message” feature which enables your customers or consumers to send you a personal message. 

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Final Thoughts on The Importance of Using Facebook for Marketing 

That’s it for the importance of using Facebook for marketing. 

You just have to start by creating your page, making use of its updated tools, and not worry about your budget because it’s cost-effective. 

Furthermore, you’ll surely be thrilled by the perks of being able to personally engage with your audience. 

All of this will drive you closer to success. 

If you have further questions regarding the importance of using Facebook for marketing, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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