Is it Best to Focus On Your Goals To Achieve Your Goals?

Is it Best to Focus On Your Goals To Achieve Your Goals?

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill

Most people agree that if you focus on your goals, or especially focus on a particular goal, it will cause changes in your behavior and thus will allow the goal to be more easily achieved. For instance, if I think about being in better shape, by visualizing my end goal, I will be more dedicated to working out and thus achieving better results.

But what can be shocking is that things outside of your control can begin to align with your intentions – You find a great workout book that you forgot you had, or a friend calls to ask if you want to go to a yoga class with her. One might call it luck – but I’ve experience it so many times that it’s obvious to me that the Law of Attraction is very real, and it does work.

Focus On Your Goals To Achieve Your GoalsAfter listening to an audio book, ‘The Grand Design’, by Stephen Hawkings and Leonard Mlodinow, I can’t help but feel even stronger about The Law of Attraction at work, as evidenced by some of the experiments in modern science’s quantum physics.

The Physics of When You Focus On Your Goals

What we generally take for our reality on a macroscopic level (what we can see with the naked eye) is generally described by classical Newtonian’ physics. The law of gravity, for instance, is pretty obvious if you’ve ever been shopping and became so engrossed in the shop windows that you lost your footing on the uneven sidewalk. When you fall flat on your face, there’s no doubt in the reality of the law of gravity.

But what about in the unseen world?

According to the more modern science of quantum physics our world is much more ‘malleable’ and dreamlike than we think. Quantum Physics, a branch of physics which deals with particles at nanoscopic scales, has found that these particles that cannot be seen by the naked eye act quite differently than what we’ve come to expect from classic laws of nature They seem to be more in accordance with Law of Attraction principles (i.e. on a microscopic level the very act of observing a particle affects how it reacts).

I’m not going to take on the task of explaining any part of quantum physics, but in my limited understanding, the particles on this microscopic level that are not observed are in a wave form and observing them puts them in more of a fixed state. Furthermore, the wave form of the particle has a multitude of super-positioned “universes” When you observe the path taken by an electron, for example, you enter an entangled state with that particle, and as a result the wave function applies to you AND the particle. In other words, you are simultaneously in all possible states of observing the particle in every single one of all of it’s possible paths. That’s why each you that is part of any one of those specific entangled states, is aware of only one outcome out of all of the possibilities: that is why it behaves like a fixed particle instead of a potential wave when you are observing it.

The Truth When You Focus On Your Goals

Reality on this level is defined by the mind that is observing it, and there are many possible outcomes all operating at the same time. The only thing that makes it in a fixed state is your observation of it. You become entangled with what you are observing. And in essence choose which of the simultaneous realities you want to observe and make part of your reality.

Reality exists only as infinite potential and is a projection of the mind. Since science has proven that what we observe affects what we are observing and there are multiple realities to choose from on a microscopic level, and we are made up of these tiny particles. Even though it’s imperceptible on a macroscopic level, it stands to reason we operate in the same way

It is in our best interest to observe (visualize and think about) the reality we want to see in our lives. We always have a choice, in every moment to have our reality be what we choose from all the superimposed universes. We can choose the path we want to take in any given moment. The option we choose will eventually appear into our reality. It’s your choice to “observe” the one you want. This is the power when you  focus on your goals, and visualize having already achieved them.

Blessings to you.

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Article:  Is it Best to Focus On Your Goals To Achieve Your Goals?

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