Follow Your Passion – Success Stories of Great People like Steve Martin

Follow Your Heart and Passion

“Follow Your Passion – Success Stories of Great People like Steve Martin” written by Guest Contributor.

Success Stories of Great People like Steve Martin

In Steve Martins autobiographical book, “Born Standing Up,” he gives us his inside scoop on what it really takes to succeed.

The reason why I love books like this about successful people is that I realize, in a sense, they are just like me. Often we see someone’s success and think they have something we don’t or they achieved some kind of greatness because they were born with a certain ability or talent and were destined to succeed.

The more I read these biographies the more I realize success is just the end result of doing what you love with passion just because you love doing it. And not settling for a job (no matter what) just because you need the money.

Steve Martin

In Steve Martin’s case he was just naive enough to think he could do it and brave enough to be authentic.

He started out imitating comedienne’s he admired; copying their acts. But then after a few years he had an epiphany and he says, “I realized I would have to write everything in the act myself. I could never take or copy from anyone,” “I did not know how to write comedy, but I did know I would have to drop some of my best gags.”

In the beginning while he was honing his skills he was more of an imitator of others, but then he went on to use props and do the silly things that made him look stupid, like balloons on his head, playing a banjo and his unique sense of timing. This made him original. He was operating form his deepest authenticity. Sometimes it’s the thing we are most embarrassed about or feel silly that makes us authentic and  allows others to connect with us…

Follow Your Passion - Success Stories of Great People like Steve Martin

The Importance of Why You Should Follow Your Passion

Whatever it is that you dream of doing (creating, traveling, writing) just do it. Don’t worry if you’re the millionth person to do it. Just do it, anyway, but be sure that you bring the highest “YOU” to your pursuit. Act from a place of your deepest authenticity, and the rest of it will take care of itself.

Many times it’s the things we are ashamed of or embarrassed about that are our greatest gifts. It takes a certain amount of courage to put yourself out there. It can make you feel naked and vulnerable.

To pursue something with passion because you love doing it and to know In your heart that’s what you’re meant to do is a very different place than working at something you think you are supposed to do. Caring what other people think is so restrictive and drives people to do all kinds of crazy things.

Whatever you dream of doing just do it!

“I just thought of the risk of not going into show business and always wondering if I would’ve had a chance. Because that’s where my real heart was.

“I never thought about success. I always thought about doing the job at hand. My goal was getting through the show that night.”

“I’ll leave you tonight with an opening line I used for years in my career. Good evening, I’m Steve Martin, and I’ll be out here in a minute.” -Steve Martin

It is Time to Follow Your Passion

Follow your passion and just get through one “show” at a time.


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Article:  Follow Your Passion – Success Stories of Great People like Steve Martin

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