Free WordPress Hosting – The Better Alternative

Free WordPress Hosting The Better Alternative

Free WordPress Hosting – The Better Alternative” written by Mike Marko.

WordPress hosting can be a very cheap way of getting the job done, especially if you have modest requirements for your site. For a few bucks a month, you can get shared hosting with a reliable hosting provider.  This will serve you just fine in the early days of your website.

But maybe “cheap” isn’t good enough for you.  You could be a penny pinchers who want their hosting, like the WordPress software, to cost nothing at all.

There are many providers who offer free hosting for your website. If you’re determined to get your own free WordPress hosting on your own site, read on to learn more.

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Does Free WordPress Hosting Make Sense For My Business?

Well, the answer to whether “free WordPress hosting” makes sense for your business… is “it depends”. If you only need a basic WordPress blog, and you’re not interested in a lot of customization and you don’t need to control over your ad space, then you may be better off going with the hosted service. It’s quick, easy, reliable and free.

But with all its convenience, is fairly restrictive in terms of how much control you have over your site. For example, in order to edit your theme’s CSS file, you need to purchase an “upgrade”.  That upgrade will cost you $30 a year, which is not much cheaper than the most basic shared hosting plan.

If you want to have WordPress in its raw and fully-customizable state, but you don’t want to pay a cent for the privilege, then free hosting might be the solution for you.

Free WordPress HostingFree WordPress Hosting – What to Expect From Your Provider

Let’s talk about what you can expect if you sign up with a free WordPress hosting provider.


Most free hosting providers will incorporate advertising into their services in one way or another. This shouldn’t be a big surprise to you since they are still running a business and have to make money.

Some free hosting will also require you to leave an attribution link in the footer of your site, or even display a banner advert for the hosting company.

Limited Bandwidth and Platform Storage Space

How much storage space and bandwidth you get varies widely between free WordPress hosting providers.  But in general, you are always going to get less storage space and bandwidth than you would with a paid hosting plan. If you’re a casual blogger, this is probably not an important issue.  But if you are planning to generate significant website

traffic then it definitely will be.

Aggressive Sales Tactics and Upsells

Almost all companies that offer free WordPress hosting give you a basic service for free, but then try very hard to upsell you to paid hosting or some other product or service. You will get inundated with emails trying to get you to buy a “better” package.

Limited Technical Support

Don’t expect premium technical support with free WordPress hosting service. A lot of respectable commercial hosting provider will have a customer support system in place, with a hotline that you can call whenever you get really stuck.

Don’t very much support from free WordPress hosting. If your site suddenly disappears, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to get it back. And that can be scary. If you’re lucky, the hosting company may have a support forum where you can post questions or a contact email address for questions (if they actually answer their emails). Some even have phone numbers.

But don’t expect that anyone will go out of their way to help you. With free WordPress hosting, support is a bonus, not a given.

And you will run into technical issues.  It is inevitable as the sun rising in the east.

Alternatives to Free WordPress HostingIs Free WordPress Hosting Worth the Negatives?

For over 9 out of 10 WordPress users, the answer is no. If you have any sort of ambition to build a stable website that is going to get decent-traffic, then free hosting is going to be a nightmare. With inexpensive entry-level shared hosting plans available, the risks and compromises involved with free hosting hardly seem worth the trouble.


What is the Alternative to Free WordPress Hosting?

Now let’s imagine if you could find a hosting company that gave you the flexibility that you needed to make your website look and feel like you wanted?

Imagine that they took care of all the technical challenges that come with hosting… just like

…that you were able to control your ad space.

…that you would not have traffic challenges.

…that you could easily host webinars.

…that you could convert your website easily into a membership site to sell your own products.

…that it came integrated with its own social media site.

Most providers charge at least $100/month for this type of service.

But you could get it for almost no cost?

Learn more by clicking the button below.

An Alternative to Free WordPress Hosting


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