8 Ways On How To Get More Attention On Instagram

How to get more Attention on Instagram

“8 Ways On How To Get More Attention On Instagram” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking to get attention from social media?

Social media is becoming more and more popular.  With this rising popularity, it becomes more and more difficult to get noticed and stand out from the rest.

And since Instagram is the platform with the most interactive users, it is something you MUST have to help with your social media branding.  Therefore if you are looking to stand out from the rest, let me give you my ways on how to get attention on Instagram.

How To Get More Attention On Instagram

I’m going to assume you have already created your Instagram account.  It’s a pretty easy process.

So let’s just get started with the different ways on how to get attention on Instagram.

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Keyword Research On Hashtags

On Instagram, #hashtags are commonly used to link your content to those similar contents that you have.

But it is not enough to just use hashtags.

Our goal is to get the highest most viral hashtags, and that has the highest traffic. It sounds a little bit like SEO right? It is quite similar. Hashtags function as keywords.

Make sure you know who your targets are, those who will be more interested in your contents. Use at least 11 hashtags to get more impact to the people on the community this is actually according to studies.

So to gain more attention, make use of the right keyword, the one that you are targeting and this will gain more attention on Instagram.

Inspire People

People love to be inspired. It is a fact that when a person is inspired, they will more likely love the the thing or the person who inspires them. So that means that another way on how to get attention on Instagram is by posting an inspirational content.

It may be a  quotation, creative videos or photographs, or by simply sharing your thought for the day.   Use an exceptional picture which you feel like it will inspire those people who will be able to see your content.

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Show Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle posts are appealing to the viewers. This is the best type of post if you are someone who has a different lifestyle than the average person. You know… it’s like those artists or famous stars who showcase their daily lifestyle on Instagram.  But having a glamorous lifestyle isn’t necessary.

How about using a picture of a simple gathering with your family and friends or even something that is extreme or extravagant like those celebrities, rich people, entrepreneurs, world travelers, extreme athletes, and fashion consultants do on daily living.  Something that people LIKE TO or WOULD LIKE TO do.

The average viewer will think like he wants what that person is doing on the photos.

The idea is to portray things that people will want in their lifestyle. You can just post your average day lifestyle – the most interesting activity that you did that day.

So lifestyle posts are another means on how to get attention on Instagram.


Love them or hate them…. One of the reasons why Instagram is so popular is because it shows the closer look at people’s daily living, what they look like, what they do and many other more. And selfies is part of that.

Selfies are very popular in the Instagram community.

People post their best pictures of themselves… portraits or body shots. While you would have thought this may have been reserved for celebrities, average people do this all the time because it’s a way of sharing themselves with the world.  

Posting yourself on your account is also a good way of how to get more attention on Instagram.  The main reason is not to just show your face how beautiful or handsome you are but to help build a relationship with your followers.  

It makes things more personal and will give them an idea on how you look like on a daily basis. These selfies help build a connection with your following.

So what are you waiting for? Show them how you look like and impress them with your beauty.

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Comments Or Likes

Instagram is known for having a higher user interaction.  Liking other people’s posts is a very common thing on Instagram.  But commenting ups the interaction. That’s why not only liking but commenting on others content is another way on how to get more attention on Instagram.

Here are some statistics: on Instagram, there are 575 likes every second, but there are only 81 comments. People like photos 609% more than they comment on photos. That’s because it’s easy to double tap the photo than it is to tap the comment. But when you exert more effort by thinking of a creative comment and posting it to their photo, you’ll get noticed.

This will give you more exposure to those who follow the creator, and they will most likely check your profile and follow you. So don’t just like the posts… but comment on them… and you’ll be sure to get more attention on Instagram.

Post More Often

Posting content is important.  It shows how serious someone is about their account.  

I know personally before I follow someone I’ll take the time to look to see how much content they post.   Who wants to follow an account with only a few posts?

Therefore being an active poster is probably one of the most important ways to get more attention on Instagram.

Make use of what is happening in your surroundings, the activities that you attend, or even things you see while walking down the street. Yes, it is important to think before you post… but this is not a reason to stop you from posting anything at all.


People love free stuff.  That’s why when you are looking for how to get more attention on Instagram that you figure out what you can give away.  

Sometimes you have to invest and give back to your followers. One giveaway will step up your game on Instagram and will garner your attention.  That’s one sure fire way to attract more people (and be sure to use appropriate hashtags).

Be Unique

Don’t be a copycat.  You should be unique and should have your style.  Too many Instagram accounts look the same. Stand out!  

Being unique is a great way on how to get more attention on Instagram. Making unique posts requires some thinking and planning on what will give you that edge.   Posting a photograph with a quote is commonplace… so if you do that try to make the picture and quote stand out from all the rest.

Try something new, that no one else has tried before.

Final Thoughts on How to Get More Attention On Instagram

Maximizing the use of your Instagram account is important.  That’s why I shared some of my top ideas on how to get attention on Instagram.

I’m sure there are a lot more than you can think of (and if you do, then please comment below and share your ideas), but these are some pretty important techniques for you to try on Instagram. They are proven ideas, so try them and see them for yourself.

Be sure to let me know how they improved your interaction and attention on Instagram.

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