Great Failures Are Sometimes Needed In Order to Be Extremely Successful

Great Failures Are Sometimes Needed In Order to Be Extremely Successful

” Great Failures Are Sometimes Needed In Order to Be Extremely Successful” written by Guest Contributor.

In the late 80’s waaaay before YouTube we used to watch our music videos on MTV.

Of all the music videos the channel played, one of my favorite videos was “White Wedding” by Billy Idol.

It’s the type of video that makes you want to get up and dance! My sister and I would dance and sing to it in front of the TV over and over again.

Although punk wasn’t my thing back then, I think I liked his unique edginess.

Billy Idol’s Great Failure

It turns out there’s a story behind his distinct attitude and success and I have more in common with him than I would have imagined….

In the book, “Great Failures of the Extremely Successful,” Billy Idol says he was never good at math or science in school so was put in the “horrible class.”  He loved history and was a great reader, but got falsely labeled at a young age.

I too struggled with math at a young age and I remember being put in one of the “intermediate” math groups.

He had a dream from a very young age of being a rock and roll star, but was discouraged by everyone around him. His parents were afraid for him to pursue a career in music and he was surrounded with kids that didn’t like rock n roll.

It was his grandpa who first bought him a guitar.

During the 1970’s with a lack of jobs in England, instead of working he went to college and after the first year told his dad he was quitting to join a punk band.  They were less than thrilled
and gave him advice most parents would give. “Get a real job that is safe and secure.”

You will fail and then no one will hire you for a regular job.

But he held onto his dreams and belief in himself even when everyone was telling him he couldn’t do it. Not only that be took massive action.  He joined a band and became innovative. Instead of doing covers of popular songs he took classic songs by bands like The Who and reinvented them.

He looked different..he did not follow the crowd.

even though he got laughed at and ridiculed for being different.

He really couldn’t even play the guitar very well, but he had attitude and passion.

He refused to work at a depressing job were he would be miserable all year with a two week vacation.

From there It was up and down. He had some success with some dry spells. He had periods of months with nothing and he felt his parents might have been right.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you had periods of doubt where you wonder if all those people who said you couldn’t do it where right?

Bill Idol’s Great Success

He held onto his dream by a thread and then one night everything changed. He was out in NYC at a dance club and just happened to hear one of his songs he’d recorded earlier “Dancing With Myself” playing. Everyone dived onto the dance floor when his song came on and he realized the power of his songs!

The universe provided that little bit of evidence and incentive he needed to take it to the next level.

From there he went on to record more songs that became popular dance songs and the rest is history 🙂

You Must Have Great Failures In Order To Be Extremely Successful

If you don’t have the negatives happen in life, you would never have the positives. He calls it his unlucky lucky breaks

He had a strong belief in his passion for rock n roll. He calls it his one-track mind. It shut a lot of doors but led him down a powerful path.

He had enough people who believed in him so he could hang on long enough to believe in himself.


“Everything in my life that seemed to crash was a part of what pushed me forward. Even though school had made me angry, the fact that i felt they screwed me gave me the attitude tat carried into my music. By doing me wrong, they helped turn me into what I became. If your world doesn’t allow you to dream, move to one where you can. If you don’t believe in something, find something to believe in.”- Billy Idol


What dreams did you have as a kid?

What is your truth?

What do you believe in?

Get a one track mind. Know that whatever the negatives are, they are only stepping stones to your dreams if you stick at it long enough.

Hang in there and the universe will support you!

Here’s to you success!


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Article:  Great Failures Are Sometimes Needed In Order to Be Extremely Successful

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