Home Based Business Ideas to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Home Based Business Ideas to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Home Based Business Ideas to Take Your Business to the Next Level” written by Mike Marko.

Here I am sitting at Bren’s computer, sitting beside Bren on a plane heading to Las Vegas.  I sat for a while thinking about what to blog about… can’t let a five-hour flight go to waste… and I realized the perfect topic for today’s blog post is about home based business ideas for taking your business to the next level.

Home Based Business Ideas To Reach the Next Level

Bren and I are on our way to Las Vegas to attend the Empower Network convention.  There are lots of reasons to attend events like this like networking, obviously going on trips, feel the energy and excitement of being with like-minded entrepreneurs, but most importantly it is a chance to learn something new.  These new “home based business ideas” can even be something small like a small tweak to something we are already doing, or doing some other small activity, because once you making money online you are now in a position where a very small change can result in a dramatic increase in income.

Therefore the number one way to find home based business ideas to scale up your business is through attending events.

Besides going to events, there are other ways to find ways to improve how you are running your online business.

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Read Blogs of Others Successful in your Niche

There are a lot of great content on blogs.  Many successful online marketers are more than happy to share at least some of the home based business ideas they know on their blog.  Take advantage of it, and soak it all in.

If the blogger puts out regular content, be sure to bookmark it or subscribe to their mailing list so you can keep up to date on the latest blog post.

Pay for Courses and Training to Get Home Based Business Ideas

There are a lot of online courses you can find to help improve your business.  Don’t be cheap when it comes to your education because you will get what you pay for.

I recommend looking at what the big earners are promoting, and seeing what works best for you.  Don’t try to learn EVERYTHING about how to market an online business.  Instead, pick some areas of how to market that you enjoy, and master those.

For example, I focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  and Facebook free and PPC (Pay Per Click) initially  Sure I dabbled a little in other marketing at first, I even tried Bing PPC, but I found that I really enjoy focusing on SEO and Facebook at my primary forms of online marketing.  And as such, I have focused on paying for training in these forms of marketing.

You will rarely see high income earners having more than a few marketing specialties.  So pick a few and master them.

Home Based Business Ideas - MentoringGet Home Based Business Ideas by Paying for Mentoring Sessions

Another way to learn is to actually find someone who is more successful than you and then see if they will mentor you.  Don’t come to them looking for a freebie mentorship, because that can be insulting. The higher income earner paid a lot in money and time to learn what they know, so don’t expect to get their knowledge for free.

Expect to pay for an hour or multiple hour blocks at a time.

Now once you have paid for mentorship, chances are that the mentor will be more than willing to help you after those session(s) for quick questions and consulting.  Just don’t overstay your welcome.

A mentor can help evaluate what you presently doing now, and suggest things you can do to improve your results.  Be open minded to all their suggestions.  You may not like what they suggest… so try to be open minded and soak it all in.  Be sure to record the session if it is online so that you can reference it in the future.  The recording also means you don’t have to write down notes, and you can spend the time really maximizing the time of the mentor.

Attend Online Seminars

Online seminars are also a way to learn something new.  These seminars are a way to market something to you and are often relatively long with only a nugget or two of information you can use.  For that reason, seminars aren’t my favorite source of information.  But if I do listen to a seminar I often do it multitasking, and then focus on the seminar when I hear something that peaks my interest.

Scale up your business - home based marketing ideasScale Up Your Successful Home Based Business Ideas

Once you find home based business ideas that work, start scaling it up.  Do more and more of it, and focus less on things that aren’t working as well.  You still need to have some diversity in marketing because you never know when something will stop working.

For example, I am expecting that in the future Google may change their algorithms again and could penalize how we are doing SEO.  This would mean we could lose our rankings until We correct our approach.  That is why we are also doing things like PPC to find other way s to drive traffic to our offer.

Final Remarks about Scaling Your Business Up

There are several home based business ideas you can do to scale your business up to the next level.  Be sure to do at least a couple, if not all of them, once you start having success.  Before you know it you’ll be on your way to making the income of your dreams.

If you are looking for mentors, be sure to contact me, and I’ll tell you how.  We would love to be your mentor.


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Free Bootcamp Training Mini-Course

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Article: Home Based Business Ideas to Take Your Business to the Next Level

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