How Do You Imagine Your Day?

How Do You Imagine Your Day?

What are your main thoughts throughout the day? Are you focusing on what’s happening in your life now? Are you enamored with reality? Worrying about bills or relationships?  OR do you ruminate about past failures with feelings of regret and guilt?

If you are doing either one of these you are holding back your dreams and desires.

Let Me Help You Imagine

Imagine you have a movie projector in your closet and a huge movie screen that you can pull down on one wall of your bedroom. Set up your projector and pull down your screen and imagine with me for a few minutes your ideal self on that screen. Get a clear picture of the successful you that you are now and want to continue to be. How do you look and dress and talk? Who are you with and what are you doing? Where do you live? What kind of car are you driving? How do you feel? Excited? On vacation? What kind of value do you offer to the world? Do you have nice clothes? How is your hair? Are you happy, blissful and full of joy? See yourself, in detail, in the picture.

Children do this easily. They live in a world that, to a great extent, is make-believe. They make up names for their dolls. They make up new words. Reality does not stand their way-maybe because they do not know it too well; they aren’t as established in this world yet…


Adult’s, for realistic reasons, cannot allow such free rein of imagination. We have responsibilities and must be prepared to meet the demands that others make on us.

So for today, let go of your hold on reality for a few minutes…

When you find yourself worrying about something today or regretting the past I want you to use your focus and your will power to redirect your focus to what you DO WANT…to the picture on the movie screen. Play act as a child.

If your having trouble getting clear on what you are wanting or feel like there could be emotional blocks try joining a guided meditation.  It may give you what you need.

Love Bren

Bren Koger

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Article: How Do You Imagine Your Day?

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