How to Blog – How Often Should I Update My Blog?

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How to Blog – How Often Should I Update My Blog?

I get a common question from people getting started in online marketing.  They come to the realization that they MUST have a website with a blog, and then they ask “how often should I update my blog?

The answer is often one they don’t want to hear.

I tell them, “every day… at least. And the blog should be a minimum of 500 words on the very low side.”

Sure this sounds like a lot at first, but really once you get started it is really quite easy once you get into the habit.

Why Blog Every Day?

There are several reasons why you need to blog every day. The ones off the top of my head are:

  1. Gets you to practice writing and getting into a daily routine.
  2. You improve your copy, or writing, skills.
  3. You find your voice, or the tone that you portray in your writing
  4. Visitors who come to your site will find that each time they arrive there is something new to look at.
  5. Your visitors have more reason to subscribe to your website.
  6. Increases the overall visitor time on site.
  7. Increases the amount of internal pagerank in your website.
  8. You have more opportunities to incorporate long-tail keywords.
  9. Visitors see that you’re an active business, so they trust you more.
  10. Google LOVES it.

So you see there are lots of reasons why you should blog daily.  In my opinion there is one main reason why you should blog daily….

Have you heard about Google’s “Freshness Bias?”

There’s actually a noticeable improvement in rankings when a site starts publishing content on a daily basis.

The website,, has gone into great detail on the importance of fresh content in SEO. Check out two of their more thorough discussions here and here.

The truth is, if you’re not constantly adding content to your website(s), be prepared for an uphill battle when it comes to SEO.

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Parasite or Backlink Sites

When you get more into SEO, you will be creating additional websites using established platforms like blogger to act as sources for backlinks to your webpages.

The Google “Freshness Bias” is important for these backlink websites as well. Try to post material regular to these websites. Be careful to never copy the material exactly as you have on your main website because Google will penalize you for it. What I often do it take my main article and change it around 25-50 percent and then run it through an article spinner for each backup site.

That way I make sure that I keep my content unique.

The article spinner I use is Spin Rewriter (affiliate link). This article spinner does a great job rewriting my posts so that I can keep them 85% or more unique. I try to only reuse an article 20-30 times before writing a new one.

How Do You Come Up With Fresh Content

Coming up with fresh content is easy if you follow the basic principal: spend at least 30 minutes a day learning something new.

When you are learning something new every day, you are bound to come up with some nuggets for at least one blog post.

Plus whenever you are doing a Google search to learn something new… take note of what you are typing into Google for your search. Then as you learn the new topic you now have a starting point for your keyword research and something new you learned to write about.

It really is that easy.

I have to make a list on my iPhone of topics to write because I can’t keep up with everything I am learning. That way if I do finally have a dry spell and can’t think of anything, I have a list to fall back to.

And would you believe that the content for this blog post was inspired from an email I got from a site promoting their SEO services?

So keep your eyes open, and you never know where your next source for content will be.

The Answer to “How Often Should I Update My Blog?”

So now having said all of this, the answer to the question, “how often should I update my blog?” becomes “as often as you can… preferably at least daily.”

And that should be easy for you to do with some practice.

Good luck, and happy blogging!

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Article:  How to Blog – How Often Should I Update My Blog?

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