How Property Managers Conduct an Employer Background Check

How Property Managers Conduct Employer Background Check - Property, Managers, Employer

Do you need to make sure your rental business is protected?

Conducting an employer background check can help you do that. It’ll help you confirm that the information about your employees is accurate. 

However, be wary that frauds can still pass the simpler background checks. So, how can property managers conduct an effective and proper employer background check?

In this article, I’ll talk about the ways to do an employer background check. This can help you select only the most trustworthy employees to work with at your property rental business.

How to Do an Employer Background Check

Conducting an employer background check the wrong way will only mean fruitless expenses. Aside from that, it’ll also add complexity to your interview process without actually benefiting you.

Therefore, it’s best to do a background check in the right way. Before we can discuss that, though, we need to know what an employer background check is.

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What Is an Employer Background Check

The employer background check is a process that helps you choose the right applicant to be your employee. During this process, you will gain access to various records of that give you insight into each applicant’s conduct and character.

It’s important to conduct a background check on your applicants to make sure that your rental business is safe. Failing to do a background check can increase the probability of these things happening: 

  1. A crime happening inside your property, or
  2. An unreliable or undependable employee flubbing a crucial task relating to the operation of your rental property. 

To help you conduct background checking successfully, let’s go over the scope of a basic employer background check.

Scope of a Basic Employer Background Check

The first step is to ask permission from the applicant to conduct an employer background check. It’s the most important step because it helps you avoid any misunderstandings. 

Keep in mind that most laws require property managers to get the approval of the applicant before conducting a background and credit check too. So asking for permission also protects you from legal issues.

A basic employer background check includes criminal records, social security validation, address history check and others. Let’s go deeper into each of these so you know what to expect.

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Criminal Records Check

The first scope of an employer background check is the inspection of an applicant’s criminal records. This is important because this record will affect trust and even security.

A property manager can look for the criminal records or history of an employer by means of national and county records. 

Social Security Validation

This process will ensure the applicant’s social security number is legitimate and valid. It also searches all names, including aliases and variations, dates of birth and address histories associated with the social security number. 

Conducting social security validation will also reveal if the applicant has lived in any undisclosed locations. With this, as a property manager, you’ll be given the decision to pursue with this applicant or not.

Address History Check

The is a process in which a property manager can locate or trace previous addresses of an applicant. Finding out where an applicant has lived will make it easier to verify other research. 

Thus, it’s helpful in the easy verification of other related searches under an employer background check

Additional Screening Options for Property Managers

As a property manager, you’re provided with additional screening options you might want to include in your background checking.  It’s best to consider other background screening options for gaining more security of your business.

You can look for additional information of an applicant by looking at or examining each of these records:

  • Driving records – If you want to hire a driver to help you with your business, checking driving records is a great help.
  • Student Transcript – This is helpful if you want to verify an applicant’s school performance. It may be relevant depending on the position you want to hire them for. For example, if you want them to help you market your rental business, you may want proof of their having taken marketing courses.
  • Credit report – Gives you a view of how an applicant handles financial obligations.
  • State licensing records – This is for you to doublecheck if the candidate has a state license.
  • Professional license records – This is helpful to know whether or not applicants have the professional license you might need.
  • Worker’s compensation – If you want to check past compensation claims, this might help.

Verifying an Employer Background Check

There are a variety of ways for property managers to verify the results of an employer background check

Most property managers use third-party verification companies. These companies can actually both collect the data for the employer background check themselves and verify that data subsequently.

This is perhaps the most convenient way of doing it. However, keep in mind that this option will require payments to the company providing you the verification/checking service. 

Websites Offering Background Check Process

If you choose to use third-party verification agencies. Here are  some of the most commonly used websites that offer good background check process.

  • Goodhire – Offers all of the basics from credit checks to professional license verification.
  • HireRight – Offers accurate essential background checks with customizable reports.
  • Sterling – Offers an employer background check that includes credential checking and drug testing.
  • OpenLine – Includes general employer background checking.
  • HireSafe – Offers a comprehensive background check that involves a high demand for trust and security.

Final Thoughts on How Property Managers do Employer Background Check

In today’s article, I shared with you the ways you could conduct an employer background check successfully. Conducting background checking is a big help to protect your property rental business from applicants who aren’t capable or responsible enough to help you run it smoothly.

The employer background check is a process in which you select the best applicant by looking up certain references like work history. It also looks into other things like educational and criminal history.

Knowing such things helps you decide whether or not you’ll proceed with certain applicants.

I’ve given you an idea of what to look for and expect when doing background checking. You might want to try the services I provided too, to help you with the process.

If you find this article informative or have further concerns about doing an employer background check for your rental property business, feel free to leave a comment below.

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