How to Avoid Clutter and Improve Productivity

“How to Avoid Clutter and Improve Productivity” written by Guest Contributor.

In the book, The 4-Hour Workweek, Timothy Ferriss gives an incredible list of tools and tricks to eliminate paper distraction and simplify your life. The following is a list from his book.

Learn How to Avoid Clutter with the Right Tools

How to Avoid Clutter and Improve ProductivityEvernote

Eliminates piles of paper in your life and clears out office clutter.

It stores all of your information in a searchable, easily captured format.

You can sync all of your data from anywhere on whatever device you choose.

Everything is searchable because it identifies the text and photos of everything you want to remember.

  • business cards
  • wine bottle labels
  • receipts
  • white board sessions

Scan all agreements or articles with a Mac Scansnap mini scanner for easy storage in Evernote. No more searching through bookmarks and open tabs.

How to Avoid Clutter and Improve ProductivityFujitsu ScanSnap Scanners

Mini scanner

scans everything to Evernote within seconds.

Take snapshots of websites.

Get rid of bookmark tabs.

How to Avoid Clutter and Improve ProductivityScreening and Avoiding Unwanted Calls

Google Voice, formerly Grand Central, gives you any number with the area code of your choosing  that forwards to your phone.

Identify any number that is unwanted and they will get a “number not in service” message

You can

  • give callers customized messages.
  • listen in on voicemail messages as they are being recorded.
  • establish “do not disturb” hours where phone calls go directly to voicemail with no ring.
  • You can have voicemail sent to your phone via text messages
  • respond to voicemail via text


How to Avoid Clutter and Improve Productivity


One Shot Scheduling

  • schedule meetings
  • simple and fast without excessive back and forth emails


  • self schedule integrated with Google calendar
  • Have a “schedule now” button in email messages.
  • They get to choose times.


  • free program
  • Outlook on steroids
  • identifies hotspots of when you receive emails from important contacts.



Capture Thoughts

With a toll free phone call it transcribes message and emails to whomever you want.

Post voicemail links to twitter and FB


dictate any message and have the transcript emailed to you.



Prevent Web Browsing

for 1 to 480 minutes

Is a free application that disables networking on a apple computer from 1-480 minutes

freedom enforces freedom.


Your time is very valuable. With the right tools you can make your time even more productive.

Here’s to your success!


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Article:  How to Avoid Clutter and Improve Productivity

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