How to Begin a Blog– Creating TONS of Content

How to Begin a Blog– Creating TONS of Content” written by Mike Marko.

Ok, so you want to create a blog.

You know why it is important.

But takes WAY too long for you to create blog post (4 or more hours) and it is something you dread having to take the time to do.

I know… I was there when we first stated.

Blogging can be intimidating.  But that is natural.

Therefore how to begin a blog and create a lot of content to fill up that blog is the topic of this article.

How to Begin a Blog with Speed Blogging

Really, speed blogging is an EXCELLENT way to create a lot of content, and it helps you change your thought process when doing the blog.

You set a time limit…. And when the time limit expires you stop.  PERIOD.

Ok, so let’s roll up our sleeves and dive in.

Week 1: Start Slowly

First we learn to walk, then we run.

Get your stop watch out.  You have 60 minutes to write a blog post.  Period.  You can write less than 60 minutes, but NOT LONGER than that.

You can write into another document, Bren and I use Word, but you need to allow enough time to copy and paste it into your blogging system.

By the end of the 7 days you will have seven new blog posts… a good start!

Week 2: Fire Up the Nitro

This is the real test.  Time to take the training wheels off.

The new goal is to write TWO blog posts in an hour.  After the hour, time is up and you can’t continue with the posts.

Are you up to the challenge?

Wrap Up On How to Begin a Blog

Perform this exercise and your blog will suddenly have a lot of content… 21 blog posts is a great head start in building a blog.

As I write this blog post, this is actually part of day one for our own week 2 of the speed blogging challenge.  Our goal is to create lot of content and at the same time create backlinks to our Empower Network Review page to help improve it’s ranking in Google for the big blogging system launch.

Happy blogging!


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Article: How to Begin a Blog– Creating TONS of Content

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