How to Blog – 10 Tips to Create a Six-Figure Blog

How to Blog – 10 Tips to Create a Six-Figure Blog.

Before I jump into what I think will help your online business, I want to give you an update on what we’ve been up to.

Over the past few months Bren and I have been expanding our business outside of cyberspace.  In addition to taking our usual road trip videos (which you can see on our YouTube channel),  we have expanded into public speaking.  The idea is that we want to improve our ability to speak, and to also help make our videos more interesting. Also, we have been wanting to start doing actual public speaking events…

So we joined Toastmasters.  Of course, with Bren’s amazing ability to manifest things no sooner had we gone to our first couple Toastmasters meetings that Bren was invited to Toronto, Ontario to give a speech at a Women’s Conference.  The conference is schedule for June 22 and we are pretty excited about the opportunities this may present in the future.

But the main reason why this happened was that Bren offered to help the conference organizer improve her webpage to help increase interest in the conference.  We also all three of us create an introduction video talking about the conference.  By providing value to someone without expectation of immediate compensation, we had things open up for us.

The takeaway I want you to have about this actually applies to blogging… believe it or not.

You should blog because it is your way to help our audience solve problems.  You should create valuable content that will help people.  By providing a lot more value to people, you will be eventually compensated.  You will build a loyal following for your blog, which will increase traffic, Google will rank you better, and then you will get more traffic.  But it all comes down to providing valuable content with no expectation of compensation.  The compensation will come, but it should not be the main reason you blog.  You blog because you want to build a following because you provide useful content.

Ok, having said that let’s get started with show you  how to blog to make money online.

How to Blog – What I Would Do If I Was Just Starting Out Today

I’m about to share with you what I’ve learned since we started this business, what mistakes I’ve made in the last year and how I will change them.

These would be the exact steps I would do if I was just starting in this online business from scratch.

I don’t care if you’re brand new to this business, if you follow even half of what I am about to share with you, you will do better than most people who start in this industry.

How to Blog - 10 Tips to Create a Six Figure Blog1.) Focus on one Blog

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made over the last years is spreading myself to thin.  It wasn’t until January when we stopped working on our smaller blogs that our income starting taking off.

When I started this blog it had no real direction… that is until I sat down and really mapped out a plan.

Most bloggers will never create a successful blog nor make much income at all from their blog because they don’t have a real plan for their blog.  That is because, “failing to plan is planning to fail”.

You need to map out a plan of what you want to achieve before you ever write that first post. I wish I did this earlier than I did.

2.) Know Who Your Target Market Is

When I first started blogging I just wrote without really thinking about who might be interested in what I wrote.  At the time I had a poor following on my blog with no interaction.

Bren and I then took the time to detail out who our audience was, our “avatar”, and even gave it a name representing the demographic of our audience.

Once you know who your target market is it makes it much easier to create content that will solve their problems and you’re not just blogging to anyone.  You basically write to your audience as if you are writing to a friend of yours.

What most people fail to understand is that you CAN’T be the solution to everyone, but you can be the solution to the right person.

It really only takes a few good customers a month to create a six figure income.

How to Blog - 10 Tips to Create a Six Figure Blog3.) Value Before Selling

This is a concept that took me a while to really master.  While I went through a lot of video training and read articles on how to blog, it still took a while for this to really sink in.

I’ve understood the concept of delivering massive value before ever asking anything in return and it’s not really anything new to me because I’ve used it to build all my previous businesses.

However I’ve never tried it with blogging. Every single affiliate post I created in the past was all about getting people to buy whatever I was selling.

And this change to a content and value oriented blog really helped accelerate our income.

Let’s just say this worked so well that I will be focusing 110% this year on cramming value down every persons throat that reads this blog.

Think of it like this- – – If you’re the person to teach someone how to rank their content and it makes them a commission who do you think they will buy stuff from?  You or the guy emailing them everyday to buy a new product?

People buy from people they like and trust. When you focus on being the best problem solver you will never hurt for money.

Business relationships are built on trust. Stop trying to pitch people every chance you get and focus on what they truly want.  People don’t care about YOU, they care about themselves.  It is about “What’s in it for me.”

Sit back, observe and figure out what it is they really want and give it to them.

There’s a time to sell because people need you to help them make the decision to buy, but the time to sell is not the first time you meet someone. 😉

You wouldn’t ask someone to marry you the first time you meet them would you?

Then stop asking them to buy through your affiliate link without giving them anything of value first.

If you want the simple solution on how to add value then here it is…… learn, do, teach.  This is how YOU can become an authority in your niche.

Never stop learning!

And although this may not seem intuitive, don’t be stingy and hide all your knowledge thinking someone will out do you. The more you help people the more money it will make you.

So produce more value than you ever expect back in compensation!

4.) Only Sell Stuff You Truly Believe In

The key to building trust with your email list, blog readers and anyone following you is to not to screw someone.

Bren and I vowed to ourselves from day one was that we only promote high quality products we believe in and know will make our followers money if they take action.

When you promote a product you’re basically endorsing it and putting your brand reputation on the line. Make sure you truly believe in what you promote!  And that also means making sure you own it and try it out!

When people know you have their best interest at heart they will follow your every word, buy whatever you suggest and even ask you for your opinion.

When you choose to take the path of only promoting high quality products, you’ll get people who will ask you, “I’m buying XYZ product do you have a link?”.

The people following you will be loyal and trust your every word, but the second you break their trust you’ve lost them forever.

If you want long term customers, then don’t promote shady products period!

5.) Promote High Tier Products

Most people don’t make much money because they promote products that are $47 at best and pay 50% commission.  If you want to make six figures a year then you need to make around $8,333 a month.  That means you need to sell about 177 products for $47 to make that income.


Instead you could sell 8 products for $1000 and produce the same income.

Which sounds easier to you?

It’s actually much easier to sell a few high tier products every month compared to 100′s of low tier products. This will make the difference if you make six figures a year.

Our favorite high tier affiliate program is Empower Network.

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6.) Promote Recurring Income Products

The one problem I had in the past was not having consistent income every month.  There would be months where I would do decent, then the next month my income would be a fraction of what I made the previous month.

I needed to sell the same amount of products each month to match my previous months income. This isn’t how top earner marketers operate.

The best type of income is recurring passive income. This is why I now focus on programs with recurring income.  With recurring income, you can go on vacation for a few days and have money depositing into your bank account without doing any work.

7.) Focus All Your Efforts on One or Two Good Affiliate Programs

One of the biggest keys to success is focusing everything around a few good affiliate programs.

One thing I’ve noticed over time is that people don’t like to make choices. They want you to choose for them.  If you give people to many choices they won’t make a choice because they’re confused which program will benefit them the most.

Make one thing successful at a time and add more programs as you gain experience. Most newbies make the mistake of promoting to much at once and produce sub-par results.

I would rather be a top leader in a couple companies then have 20 different programs to promote. If you rise up in a company it will sky rocket your success because everyone will look to you for help.

Think about that last sentence for a second 😉

8.) Create a Sales Funnel to Automate Your Business

The only way to make money “while you sleep” is to have a sales funnel in place. When someone subscribes to my email list they get my bootcamp training which shows them how to run a successful business.  It takes them through a detailed daily training showing them the tools I use to build my business and what programs I’m involved in.

Most people are overwhelmed with how much I give away for free by the time I present something to buy that it’s a natural process.

You could bring in sales every single day from having a system in place doing the work for you.

I’m now in the process of creating a bigger sales funnel that will help my readers even more.  My goal is to overwhelm people with so much value that they open my emails over other marketers.

Everything is about building a relationship with your readers and showing them that you genuinely care about them and not just trying to make a quick buck.

If you don’t have a sales funnel in place I highly suggest you create one now. Test and tweak until you get more and more sales.  If you do your job right with helping people with the information they’re looking for the sales will roll in as long as you’re driving traffic.

How to Blog - 10 Tips to Create a Six Figure Blog9.) Become THE Source

I never really realized the power of this concept until this year.

With  I decided to create an authority site by creating lots of content on a frequent basis.

If you want to get massive traffic to your blog you want to become the source for the topics you aim to rank for.

So if you want to dominate a certain industry you want to do keyword research and find out all the search terms people are typing into Google and create posts around all of them.

Even if the keyword only has 50 people searching for it then do it. After a while Google will recognize your site as the source for that topic and reward you with a ton of traffic.

Regardless what anyone tells you- – – content marketing isn’t going anywhere and neither is SEO. The more content you create the more traffic you will get.

Make sure you’re creating content around terms people search for.

Make sure the content you’re creating is nothing short of amazing. I treat every blog post like it will make me at least $1000. According to my numbers that’s about right 😉

You need to treat your blog like a real business.

This year I will be scaling our content marketing to dominate 100′s of search terms. My goal is to pull 20,000 visitors a month by the end of 2014.  I don’t see this being a problem 😉

Think of your blog like you’re opening a new restaurant. When you first open up shop no one really knows about you.  Slowly customers start coming in and eating your food and if your food(your blog content) is good they will start telling their friends and soon you become the new place to eat at.

Your blog is very similar. You put in a lot of hard work and then it pays off for years to come why other people are spending thousands on paid traffic to get the same amount of traffic you get for free.

If people treated their blog like this you would see a lot more six-figure earners 😉

10.) Reverse Engineer The EVERYTHING From Your Competition

Most people make this business entirely too hard.  Tons and I mean tons of people have paved the path for you already, and are making huge income.

So why would you go out there and reinvent the wheel?

Yet… many people want to complicate things and think there is a mystical secret.

Want to know my secret?

I watch what successful people before me have done and then I put my own spin on things making it better.

Not sure what to blog about?- – – – copy peoples stuff!

Not sure what keywords to blog around?- – – – copy peoples stuff!

Not sure what topics to talk about on your videos?- – – you bet…….yea copy peoples stuff!

Really… the easiest way to brand yourself as an authority is figure out what content people love from your competitors and then make a better version by doing a little research.

I’ve learned about 95% of what I know by reverse engineering successful people.  I learned copywriting, blogging, video marketing and even SEO by reverse engineering competitors.

I learned this concept when I started listening to Tony Robins.

If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.–Tony Robins

True words spoken from one the richest entrepreneurs in the world. Do you believe me now?

Stop making this business hard, watch what successful people do and model the heck out of it.  This one concept is worth thousands to your bottom line.

Summary About How to Blog

Now I realize this is a lot to take in and it may seem like a lecture, but really I’m just telling you what I wish someone told me 😉

When I started in this industry I made way more mistakes then I care to admit, I wasted endless amounts of money trying to figure out what to do, and I followed the wrong people.

My goal is to save you lots of time and frustration that I went through.

This year Bren and I are going to be producing massive amounts of content to help you build your online business.  Whether you decide to join us in one of our business opportunities, or you’re already involved in another business, you will benefit by reading our blog.

Make sure to subscribe to our email list and leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

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