How to Blog Successfully and Why Do Blogs Fail?


How to Blog Successfully and Why Do Blogs Fail?” written by Mike Marko.

According to one source, there are more than 164 million blogs…

And most of these blogs get less than 1,000 visitors per month. The harsh reality is that… well…. for lack of a better way of putting it, these blogs are failures.

What’s even more unfortunate is that amoung those blogs I believe there is a blogger lilke this who is someone just like you….

…Someone who believed creating tons of good content will generate the leads and sales they need to run a profitable online business.

…Someone who believed Google would notice their hard work (without optimizing for search)—and reward them with an endless supply of traffic that converts.

…Someone who put tons of work in, and things just didn’t pan out.

I bet you are now wondering “WHY?” Why isn’t the blog successful?

And more importantly, the question is “How to Blog Successfully?”

But first, let’s go back to why do blogs fail?

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Why Do Blogs Fail?

The answer to this question lies in:

The Psychology Behind Why Blogs Fail

Ok, I am going to be completely honest. Most bloggers who want to make things happen are completely gun ho at first. They know blogging takes work, and they will do everything they can to blog to realize the dream.

They blog endlessly… probably blogging at least once a day.

And they create a TON of content.

So, what happens?

It turns out that most people who start blogs quit within the first 3 months… sad but true.

The reason is quite simple. People do the wrong things right from the very beginning when they blog.

They’ll waste their first 3 months, and they’ll have NOTHING to show for it other than a ton of content, probably a bunch of social media logins, passwords, and the mantra “If I can just finish a bit more content things will take off…”

But they’ll have NO RESULTS.

And that lack of results will demotivate the MOST AMBITIOUS individual.

(Yeah, Bren and I’ve been there…)

It’s Only Human Psychology

And I believe that’s why most blogs fail.

People start their blog with the best of intentions. But they fall off the beaten path because they waste time on stuff that doesn’t really matter, or they don’t focus on what they really want: more traffic… more leads… more sales.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Now I have a question for you: Are you concerned that the same thing will happen to you?

Are you concerned that you’ll waste your time on the stuff that won’t get you your desired end result?

Or worse, maybe this has already happened (or is happening) to you… and you’re tired of it?

If this is you, then I am going to show you the top four things you can do to beat the odds.

How to Blog Successfully

How to Blog Successfully and Why Do Blogs Fail - too much contentTip #1: Avoid Creating Too Much Content

Typically, most bloggers spend about 80-90% of their time creating content.”

I know I know I say to blog daily… but if you are spending 80-90% of your time blogging this makes ZERO sense.

This is why: when you blog and you only have a few readers, adding more content doesn’t help you get more readers. Not directly, anyway.

Let’s say you have 100 readers. What do you think the chances are of getting another follower if even one of them loves your content so much they tell all their friends? Well if you are lucky, maybe a 1% to 2% chance if that.

And even if you get 1 more loyal royal reader…you are going from 100 to 101 readers.

Not that earth shattering.

Your goal is to go from 100 readers to 1,0000 to 10,000 readers, and on!

I bet at this point you are asking, “So Mike, how do you do it?”

Well, it comes down to your ability to promote your content.

So, I’m Going to Say Something Radical… for Me

I give you permission to spend half your blogging time on promoting your blog posts.

“But… but… but… you said blog every day!”

Yes, I did, but if you are not promoting your content either directly or indirectly, there really is no point.

How to Blog Successfully and Why Do Blogs Fail - promotion

Tip #2: How to Blog Successfully by Promoting Content The Right Way

I hear this all the time when I talk to people about their blogs, I ask them “How do you get your blog posts out there?”

The answer is usually the same: they share them on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks.

Maybe they might tweet their blog posts out more than once. Or they ask their friends to share the blog posts as well.

But that’s it.

And then they write more content.

Can you relate?

Well, I have some disturbing news…

Sharing your content on your small (and probably inactive) social media accounts isn’t a promotion. It is actually often a waste of time.

Instead, the easiest way to get readers for your blog is to convince another blog that has readers to send readers your way. Or to “borrow” readers from someone else’s social media site.

But “How?”

That leads us to the next tip.

Tip #3: Don’t Create a “Me Too” Blog

If you want other bloggers to send their readers your way (or steal readers from someone else’s social media platform), you’ve got to create a blog that warrants it.

Unfortunately, most blogs don’t warrant it.

They are “Me Too” blogs, and basically say the same thing as everyone else…. the same way as everyone else… and so nobody cares.

You do this by being very specific in your blog niche.

Don’t create a blog about online marketing. Instead, create a blog about how to do online marketing using Facebook for free traffic.

You may think, “won’t that pigeon how me into a small audience?”

And truthfully, the answer is “Yes”… but that is the point. And there is no reason why you can’t expand out once you develop a following. But the point is to stand out and build that initial following. And to do that you need to stand out.

Here are some blog posts I wrote about picking a blog niche:

How To Choose The Right Niche For Your Blog

How to Blog – How to Choose a Blog Niche

How to Pick a Blog Topic – When You Think “All of the Good Blog Niches Are Already Taken”

How to Blog Successfully and Why Do Blogs Fail - seoTip #4: Know How to Blog Successfully with SEO

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is a great way to build traffic over the long haul. Now it won’t get you traffic overnight… far from it. It will take months to build up a sizable amount of traffic if you only do SEO, but once you build up your blog properly with SEO it will continue to give you traffic even after you stop promoting your website.

By doing some on-page SEO from day one on your blog, especially selecting keywords that will get you traffic, then you’ll have traffic that will build your following.

You can learn more about SEO here:

Beginner Blog SEO Tips – Help Google Find Your Blog

SEO Basics Tutorial for Beginners – Learn the Basics of SEO

SEO 101 – Learn the SEO Basics in this SEO Overview

Here’s What You Need To Do Next…

Now that you understand the reasoning why blogs fail and the four important tips that will help you get to success faster, you’ve got ONE goal:

You need to get some results… FAST.

If you work on something for too long without seeing a reward, you get demotivated, and you don’t want that to happen.

So, what can you do to get some results fast?

Well, remember when I said:

The easiest way to get readers for your blog is to convince another blog that has readers to send readers your way.

Do that….NOW!

Figure out what sites you’d like to send you some traffic. That means you have to do some homework.

To help you be accountable, I want you to leave a comment on this blog post that should include:

First, list your dream website that you would LOVE to get a link from. Don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars.

Second, next list 3 other websites that you would also LOVE to get a link from. Don’t pick the biggest websites in the world, but instead, pick some smaller sites that you think would do your brand well.

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Here’s to your future success!


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