How to Build a Marketing Funnel That Works On Autopilot

How to Build a Marketing Funnel That Works On Autopilot

“How to Build a Marketing Funnel That Works On Autopilot” written by Mike Marko.

Have you heard of an automatic cash machine?

Maybe you heard of people making sales while they sleep, on vacation, etc… and wondered how exactly they did this?

I know when I first started marketing online, I heard all about these automatic sales but I didn’t understand how it happened, or how it works.  Why are these people making the automatic sales and not me?

That was… until I found out about the magic of marketing funnels.

That’s why today I want to tell you how to build a marketing funnel that will do what everyone is talking about.

How to Build a Marketing Funnel

The follow video talks about how to build a marketing funnel like the one I recently created for my Instagram Marketing Mastery course.

Here are options to get funnels for your business:

Build Your Own Funnel

If you want to build your own funnels, be able to completely customize them, and save money long term, I recommend the following (which is exactly what I use):

Marketing Platform

Optimize Press

Done-For-Your Funnel

Alternately you can have the funnel done for you.  Since it is customized, let’s chat first by clicking here and reach out to me (Mike).

Free Bootcamp Training Mini-Course

Core Marketing Funnel

The core marketing funnel looks like the following illustration.

How to Build a Marketing Funnel

As we talked about in the video, the elements are as follows:

Capture Page: Visitors put in their email, and maybe other information like first name, etc, into a capture page.  This information is then collected and managed by an autoresponder.

Lead Magnet: A freebie given to help entice visitors to complete the capture page information.  The best way to give the lead magnet is by email in the form of a link to the gift… thus rewarding people only if they give a valid email.

Thank You Page: This is where you have a short video introducing yourself, what they can expect (like daily emails), and letting them know about the following video (sales video).

Sales Page: This is the page that tries to sell the product or service.

Checkout Page: If the visitor wants to buy the product, they click a button and they get taken to the checkout page where they can put in their credit card information.  This should be a secure page.

Follow Up Series

So what happens if the visitor don’t buy right away (and they probably won’t) then you need to send follow up emails.

How to Build a Marketing Funnel

So after the lead magnet is sent (in a welcome email) then the following day starts the rest of the following up campaign.

Goodwill Series: This series of emails have links to pages that teach your prospect something useful, and congruent to the reason why they signed up to your list in the first place.  You should do a minimum of three emails as part of your goodwill campaign.  I have done as many as twelve in some.  On the third (and later ones) you can include calls to action at the end to buy stuff… but don’t go over the top.  You want to focus primarily on giving lots of useful value/information.

Email Follow Up Series: These are the emails sent after the goodwill series is done, and you want to keep in touch with the prospect. Often people take 7 or 8 exposures before they buy.  Others may take months (or even years) before they are willing to buy from you.  It’s important to keep up with sending emails to prospects and help cultivate a list of avid followers.

Final Thoughts On How to Build a Marketing Funnel

Marketing funnels are powerful tools.  Today we covered an effective plan to help get your follower traffic where you ultimately want it to go.  If you want more information on building marketing funnels, then check out this article on How to Build a Dynamic Marketing Funnel.

If you want help how to build a marketing funnel, feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different options we offer.


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Article: How to Build a Marketing Funnel That Works On Autopilot

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