How to Create a Travel Blog Successfully and Profitably

How to Create a Travel Blog Successfully and Profitably

“How to Create a Travel Blog Successfully and Profitably” written by Mike Marko.

Do you like to travel and have finally decided you want to learn how to create a travel blog?

I understand completely. Travelling is fun, and why not create a travel blog.

Lots of people plan on starting a travel blog just to keep their family and friends updated on their travels. That’s a pretty cool idea for a lot of travelers. And if that’s the only reason why you want to learn how to create a travel blog, there’s nothing wrong with that! I recommend creating a free blog. That will certainly do the trick for you.

But, if you want to learn how to create a travel blog so that more than just your friends and family read your blog… if you want complete strangers to find your travel blog and thank you for it… AND if you want the opportunity of possibly making money with your travel blog someday: I’m going to talk about how to do this today.

So let’s get started.

How to Start a Travel Blog With Some Basic Steps

Time to roll up your sleeves, get a note pad and a pen: it’s time to come up with a game plan.

In the following video Bren and I talk about how to start a travel blog.

Here are some more ideas to consider on how to create a travel blog.

Read Other Travel Blogs

The first step when you start a travel blog is to do some reconnaissance. See what others are doing and see what you can model.

See what is working for other travel bloggers, and what you can even improve on. This will help in making a travel blog easier in the beginning and help you be more successful faster.

Check out travel magazines because they often recommend travel blogs that they feel are worth checking out. Check out at least five travel blogs and take notes. See what elements you like and can borrow for your own… just be sure not to take copyrighted ideas.

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Choose a Travel Topic

Ok, I know we are talking about how to create a travel blog, but that doesn’t mean you should be too general. You should try and choose a specific topic that will give you more focus when you write.

Narrowing your niche (or scope) allows you to combine other interests with travel. For example you could combine your blog with your interest in rock climbing, cooking, or photography.

Some examples of travel blog topics may be rock climbing places around the world, foreign restaurants, or older architecture.

Choose a Blogging Platform

There are a lot of blogging platforms you can choose from. There are several considerations to weigh, including how easy the platform is to use from either at home or while travelling.

You also need to consider having a hosted site vs. a self-hosted site. A hosted site means that your blog is created by someone else, and is hosted and the site maintenance managed by someone else with many other blogs. A self-hosted site means that you can use the blogging themes, fonts and other applications. Both blogs may have your own custom URL mapped to the blog platform. A self-hosted blog may incur much more start-up costs.

The most commonly used sites are WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr, plus many more.

Alternately, you can select a specific travel blogging platform. These platforms are often simpler to use and have specific features like mapping your post or itinerary creation.

If your goal is to monetize your travel blog, and you want to be maximize your organic blog traffic (people that find your blog through search, etc) then I recommend this marketing platform. We have used it for several years and it is the best value for the cost.

Don’t bother to take too much time to familiarize yourself with your blogging platform before you write your first post. I recommend “building your airplane while it’s flying”… meaning that you customize it as you start to add content. Too many people wait until everything is perfect before they start creating content… and that is a huge mistake. It often leads to paralysis by analysis because you may feel that you are never ready.

As you are adding content to your blog, pick a “theme” for your blog that highlights it is a travel blog. A theme is a template for the overall appearance of your blog. The blogging platform we recommend has hundreds of themes to choose from.

Choose a Blog Name

how to choose a blog name - Making a Travel Blog - Start a Travel BlogTake the time to give your blog a name that will stand the test of time. As you build up your blog and create links to it, you’ll be building up your network of links to your blog and help build your travel blog’s “reputation”.

You don’t want to have to change your blog name a year or two down the road.  Here is an article on how to choose a name for your blog.

Get Your Social Media Setup

Once you have your blog setup, it’s time to get your social media up and running.

Be sure to create user names on each of the big social media platforms that reflect your travel blog domain — Twitter, Facebook (business page), Instagram, and Google+. Try to keep your name the same across all domains, with the exception of Google+ which requires your full name.

Create Your Bio Page

how to choose a blog name - Making a Travel Blog - Start a Travel Blog Bren and Mike; Bren Koger, Mike MarkoTake time to upload an appropriate picture of yourself to your travel blog. Be sure to create a static page and write information about yourself, including what you enjoy doing and why you love travel.

You can also create a contact me section and list your social big social media platforms.

Then add your bio static page to your menu options.

Start an Email List

how to choose a blog name - Making a Travel Blog - Start a Travel BlogYou may be thinking, “Do I really need an email list?”

The answer is YES!

Your email list is the single most valuable thing that your site can have. PERIOD. In my opinion the main purpose of a website is to collect emails so you can later email them newsletters, updates, links to new blog posts, and even sell to them.

People are far more likely to see your content via email than they are by any other social network. Social media networks come and go… you may even have some accounts shut down on you, but your email list is there to stay (and nurture).

All too often people make the mistake of not starting to build an email list at the very beginning. Or when they do start, they start with a free autoresponder like Mailchimp. The problem is when you are ready to switch to a premium service that gave more options, you can lose a huge portion of your email list in the process because you can’t just add all your names on a list — they need to confirm it yet again.

Bren and I use GetResponse as our primary autoresponder. It’s one of the best email service out there.

how to start a travel blog

How to Write a Travel Blog

Now that you have your travel blog setup, it’s time to start getting content created. Let me give you a few tips on how to get rolling.

How Frequent Should You Post To Your Travel Blog?

how to choose a blog name - Making a Travel Blog - Start a Travel Blog - right niche for your blog - Mike MarkoI recommend writing weekly posts (at a minimum) once you get going, but initially I recommend writing at least four posts a week until you get at least fifty blog posts complete. Your audience will want to explore a blog with a reasonable amount of content otherwise they will have no reason to return.

Bren and I actually do our best to blog daily… the idea is that with a lot of content it not only gives visitors a reason to stay on the blog for a while, but it also increases the chances of being found by Google (especially if you follow some basic SEO techniques).

Staying connected and consistent with your audience is both important and difficult. Writing at least weekly will help people to get to know you and your travels. Large breaks between posts will discourage readers from returning.

Make a posting schedule outside your trip posting. Decide a time every week that you will write. I recommend then scheduling your post to publish early morning on Monday to help get the maximum number of readers, but you can do your own research to find a better time.

If you are traveling, plan blogging into your trip…. And make additional posts (above the weekly) if you can to keep your audience up to date with your travels.

How to Prepare For Your Travel Blog Posts

Write in a journal daily as you travel. This will help you remember the specific details like food, weather and culture when you sit down to write your blog.
Bren and I also took a lot of pictures and shot video to help us remember the experience. You can even do a selfie video (for about 2-3 minutes) and talk about your experience on site. This will help your audience share in your adventure.

What Happens if S&%$ Hits the Fan?

how to choose a blog name - Making a Travel Blog - Start a Travel BlogBe sure to stay positive.

It doesn’t matter if your wallet was stolen, you ran into an unfriendly stranger, or were “taken for a ride” by an unscrupulous tour group, a travel blog is not a good place to rant. You want to stay as positive as possible. Besides, you may come to regret any angry comments in the future… and your readers will be put off by your negativity.

Instead take the time to reflect.

Your more well-thought out post can turn your misadventure into a great topic for discussion and can help future travelers.

Watch Out For Non-Descriptive Words

Avoid hyperbole, like “awesome”, “awe inspiring”, “fabulous”, and similar words. Sure that may be the first words that come to mind when you see something but they are not that descriptive and actually detract from your blog.

Instead write using the 5 senses. For example, instead of saying you had an amazing chocolate truffle, you might say, “The chocolate truffle you had in the afternoon from the non-assuming shop was light and had a hint of strawberry.”

You want the reader to crave what you ate. Include a picture and possibly a recipe…

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Build Up Your Comment Interaction

Encourage people to comment on your posts. This is actually a great tip no matter what type of blog you have.

You can start a discussion as simply as by encouraging comments at the bottom of your articles. You can also ask a question to your readers, or create a poll.

Readers may also share their own experiences, or give their own travel advice that can help you and others to plan future trips.

starting a travel blog

Final Words on How to Create a Travel Blog

As you can see, learning how to create a travel blog isn’t that difficult. With the right blogging platform, and a little planning, you can be well on your way to creating your own travel blog.

If you get started (and create at least a dozen posts first) and you want to learn more about how to make your blog even more effective, check out this article about how to get leads from your blog.

Thank you checking out my article, and happy blogging!

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