How to Create A YouTube Video Thumbnail Using PowerPoint

How to Create A YouTube Video Thumbnail Using PowerPoint

If you are trying to build a brand of yourself online, a requirement if you want to be successful online, you need to create a lot of blog posts and videos.  You should try to create at least one blog post a day, and four to seven videos a week.

When you use YouTube to host your videos, often the choice of thumbnails is… less than desirable.  It always seems that the thumbnails selected make you look horrible.  In the past I tried to take pictures before of ourselves before or after the video shoot to act as the thumbnail.  But after some time I realized I wanted a more professional looking thumbnail.

I quickly realized that the best and most efficient way to create thumbnails for YouTube videos is to use PowerPoint.

Watch to Learn How to Create a YouTube Video Thumbnail Using PowerPoint

Watch the following video to see how to create a YouTube video thumbnail using PowerPoint.

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Article: How to Create A YouTube Video Thumbnail Using PowerPoint

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