Beginners Guide to How to Create Newsletter Emails

Beginners Guide to How to Create Newsletter Emails” by Mike Marko.

It is unfortunate that so many online marketers do not use email autoresponders to help collect and promote their content and products.  I talk to marketers all the time and it seems like 90% do not utilize an autoresponder.  These people are handicapping their business.

And when many do start using an autoresponder, they don’t know how to create newsletter emails that were effective.

When We Started We Didn’t Know How to Create Newsletter Emails

Yup… when we started we had no clue how to promote to our email list.

We were given a capture page, and told to drive traffic to it.  Since our blog was pretty new and we had little traffic, I decided to join a traffic co-op and pay for people to click and go to my capture page (which would then hopefully convert into leads).

It worked really well… we started having leads flood in.

But then what?

Well I hastedly created a series of autoresponder emails on our Aweber account, borrowing ideas for the autoresponder emails of leaders, but within a few emails I could see our open rates dropping quick.  Then when our leads got past the autoresponder emails, we sent them the occasional broadcast…. but the open rate on those were getting even worse.

We even made the mistake of taking a few weeks off from mailing the list.  We just didn’t know what to send them… the sales/pitchy emails we were sending was driving the list into a state of refusal.  The walls were coming up between us and our leads.  Our open rates were horrible.

And we didn’t know what to do.

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Then I Woke Up  – Looked to Leaders to Learn How to Create Newsletter Emails

We had to do something.

So we talked to a few successful online marketers, and studied what they did by joining the lists of leaders in the industry.  We took the time to really learn how to create newsletter emails that made these entrepreneurs money.

We knew we were not fans of the sales/pitchy emails, so we discarded those emails.  We thought that since we didn’t like the pitchy emails then other people wouldn’t either.

Then we changed things up.

How to Create Newsletter Emails The Way We Do Now

We now send TONS of content to our list.

Since we blog every day and we want to make sure we get a lot of eyes on our blog posts, we started sending an email every day about the next blog post we wanted them to see.  I batch created the newsletter emails (usually 3-5 at a time).  That means that often the blog post may be a few days old by the time it gets to the list, but in my opinion that is ok… the time savings by batch creating the emails was worth the risk of potentially sending someone to a blog post they already read.

How to Create Newsletter Emails to Create SalesWe want to send our list to our blog every day to make sure they got as much value from our website as possible.

Then whenever we had an opportunity, like the IPAS2 system product launch, that we wanted to promote we sent those emails in addition to the content emails.  This meant we only sent promotional emails when needed, but the rest of the time we just sent value.

Imagine if we only sent the promotional emails when we had something special to promote… our list would get no emails for a few months.  Then they would suddenly get a series of emails out of the blue.  By that point people on the list would probably have forgotten who we were, and just delete the emails, unsubscribe, or worse… mark the email as spam.

Now imagine if we just send sales/pitchy emails every day…. just like almost everyone else.  We would blend in with all the other spammers.  People on your list, who probably already belong to several other lists, would probably just stop opening the emails because they had nothing really to of value to offer.  If you then had a special offer, you would increase the number of emails… and then people on the list may get annoyed and unsubscribe from your list and/or mark the email as spam.

That is why we now send tons of value to our list.

So What Were the Other Things We Learned About How to Create Newsletter Emails?

The following is a list of other things we learned:

  • Get people into the habit of opening your emails.  If you can get them to open three emails consecutively, then they will start to get into the habit of opening future emails as well.  So we focused on building a completely value added autoresponder email campaign called our “free bootcamp training” which is designed to offer a lot of tips and value with building an online business.
  • Make sure at least 80% of your emails are value.  Make people look forward to opening up your emails because of all the value you offer.  Blogging every day really helps with this because you always have something to send to your list.
  • Don’t constantly try to sell things up front in your emails.  Make sure that if you have an offer, it is after giving a lot of value and content.
  • If you really want people on your list to do something, try and have at least three calls to action in your email asking them to do something.  There is power in asking something three times from someone (watch a kid ask for something from there parent… they ask at least three times).  🙂
  • Always test your email list.  Make sure you are subscribed to your email list, and test the links.  I can’t tell you how many times being subscribed to our list has helped catch problems that could be corrected for future emails.

Wrap Up

Your email list is an important part of your online business… your list is your biggest asset.  Therefore it is very important to know how to create newsletter emails to your list.

Sending your list a lot of valuable content is very important to building that relationship you need with your list.

If you don’t have an email autoresponder yet, then I recommend you take a look at our thorough review of two popular autoresponders in the article, Aweber vs GetResponse Autoresponder Review.

To YOUR prosperity!

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