How to Get More Signups for Your Opportunity

How to Get More Signups for Your Opportunity” written by Mike Marko.

Want to know how to get more signups for your business opportunity, or sales, by the click of a button WITHOUT phone prospecting or pitching random people on Facebook?

As you continue to read this blog post, I’ll describe the four steps in this influence formula and you’ll see exactly how these steps when applied for just 2 days can enroll 4 new team members through a few simple emails.

What is the Influence Formula?

These are the steps in influence formula that will show you how to get more signups.

1) Get Attention

2) Get Rapport

3) Get Credibility

4) Target a Problem

5) Explain a solution

6) Expectations

7) Benefits

8) Social Proof

9) Irresistible offer

10) Urgency/scarcity

11) Risk reversal

12) Call to action

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Make sure you commit these steps to memory because they will aid you throughout your entire entrepreneurship.


The ways in which you can use this powerful influence formula are vast.

Just using these techniques four people joined.

How to Get More Signups-example

Let me share the structure of the email that was sent out so you can see how the simple 12 step formula was applied.

Step 1 in How to Get More Signups – Get Attention

Subject Line: 100% Risk Free Saturday PLUS Bonuses

That’s right my friend.

Your 100% risk-free chance to
step into freedom is now.

Step 2 in How to Get More Signups – Get Rapport

Try to get into story telling mode… really bear your soul.  Talk about why you got into what you are doing now.  Make sure it seems dramatic.

Afterwards, use something like this to bring it back to the reader:

I know what it’s like to know
something needs to change &
at the same time, not know
exactly what it is…

That’s why, I want to help you.

You see, after struggling in our
home business for 2 years,
someone FINALLY came along
& helped me to put the pieces

Step 3 – Get Credibility

Show your recent earnings.  If you earnings aren’t there yet, the talk about someone else’s earnings.

Make sure you add the disclamor: “*results not guaranteed nor average. See average earnings report here.”

Step 7 – Explain Benefits

(Steps do not have to be in order)

Now I get to spend the days doing
what I want to do instead of what
I have to do.

And what do I want to do?

Help you be free.


Step 4 – Target a Problem

Believe me, I know the problems people face when
starting a business from home.   For example…

  • Really small commissions that make it nearly
    impossible to make a difference in your life.
  • Poor marketing training… where you rely solely
    on your friends, family, and people around you
    to build your “empire”.
  • Fear of, or lacking skill in, talking to people
    on the phone.
  • Lack of traffic to your website or offer.
  • Lack of leads.
  • Lack of REAL mentorship.

Step 5 – Explain a Solution

Fortunately, I know how to direct you to solutions to
each of those challenges.

And as you listen, and do exactly what I tell you to do,
you won’t have any idea what your life can be like in the
very near future.

If you’re ready to get started on your road to freedom…

Here’s what I have for you today…

Step 9 – Irresistible Offer

For just $7, you can get access to the entire system
myself, and my team, has used to create generate over
100 million dollars in commissions….

Create 14 millionaires and over 100 six-figure earners.


You can have the chance to be mentored by Bren & me

Because we only want to talk to positive-minded people
who are serious about taking action and following
instructions and making money…

Step 10 – Urgency/Scarcity

Bren and I limit our 1 on 1 time.

Next week, we have a very limited number of time slots
available where we’ll be popping on the phone and
personally coaching those who choose to get started for
$7, 100% risk free, this weekend.

On this phone call, you’ll get step by step instructions
from us, and have the chance to work with us personally
on an on-going basis..

Step 6 – Expectations

Here is what you can expect when you decide to get
started today…

  • Access to our entire & complete, money &
    freedom generating system.
  • To be partnered up with real mentors who
    will NOT quit on you.
  • Step-by-step guidance and support in setting
    up your freedom machine.
  • Access to our private Facebook mastermind
    with daily team interaction and live – weekly
    training, updates and the ability to ask any
    marketing/money making question that
    comes up.
  • Daily live training calls to support you and
    your team.

DO NOT expect us to do things for you that you can
do for yourself.

Do NOT expect us to baby you.

Do NOT expect us to do it for you.

Do NOT expect us to answer your phone calls at any
time of day..

(If we do that, then you’ll have to do it for your team
too – and that’s NOT how you create a life of freedom).

 Step 8 – Social Proof

Here’s what’s already happened for our team members
who decided to take the next step that you are deciding
to take now….

Justin & family has earned over 1 million with our
system and just last week bought this new car

How to get more signups

* Results not guaranteed nor average. See average earnings report here.

Mike & family has earned over a half a million (on their
way to million + rapidly & they travel the world as a family
and spend time together… EVERY DAY!

How to get more signups - proof

* Results not guaranteed nor average. See average earnings report here.

Travis moved to Panama City… apparently he’s in London
right now… He calls himself ‘good life Trav’ thanks to the
money he’s earning with our system.

Travis - how to get more signups

* Results not guaranteed nor average. See average earnings report here.

This is just small sample of people on my team who are living
their dreams thanks to the decision they made to make a new
decision and chart a new course for their lives.

For $7 dollars, you can make the same decision.

Step 11 – Risk Reversal

This is 100% risk free.

You can get ALL your money back if you decide this is
not something you want to use to achieve your dreams

As long as you’re one of the next few who decide to get
started, before midnight tomorrow, Sunday night October
5th, 2014…

You’ll get…

  • Our entire money making system
  • 1 on one coaching appointment/step by step game plan
    session with me
  • Access to our private Facebook Mastermind
  • My personal assistant to help you get your system
    set up and answer any questions along the way…
  • Step by getting started training…
  • And much, much more…

Step 12 – Call To Action

So my friend, take action now.
You’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain.
Yours in freedom,
Bren & Mike

And That Is How to Get More Signups!

Here’s to your future success!

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