How to Get Motivated And Push Yourself Towards the Edge

How to Get Motivated And Push Yourself Towards the Edge

How to Get Motivated And Push Yourself Towards the Edge.

I have been doing a lot of listening to CDs and watching videos about how to get motivated to maximize my potential. My favorite motivational speakers include Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor.  I will often listen to them while driving in my car, or while at work.

It is interesting that a lot of the motivational speakers out there, especially all the big ones, basically say the same thing. They encourage people to write down their goals and make a plan to reach those goals. They also talk about making sure that you complete the tasks that you have for the day. And the underlining theme to these motivational speakers is overcoming your fear.


In the Past…

Years ago I would’ve considered myself highly motivated. I worked hard at my job, and I got recognized and promoted for it… I also started building up my portfolio of rental properties. I even more actively invested in the stock market.

It wasn’t until over the past half a year that I realized I had not reached my potential. I came to realize that although I tried and did pretty good I was not going to obtain excellence without giving 120%.

In the past I thought giving 120% meant that I had to work hard, like spending some time on weekends and evenings in pursuit of my goals. Recently I became aware that I was nowhere near my potential. I wasn’t giving it everything I could. I was even procrastinating and not finishing tasks that I do not like doing.

After listening to both Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor I became more aware of what was needed to achieve my goals… especially how to get motivated.


How To Get Motivated

To really get motivated, I learned that I had to have a crystal-clear idea what my goals are. These had to be goals that I wanted, no… had to have, in order to achieve the life I want. And I had to make these goals seem so real to me… to the point where I would believe that they have already manifested. Once you have created the feeling that your goals have already been achieved, it is like flicking a switch in your mind… and this helps you overcome your fear and procrastination . Many fears that you have that prevent you from achieving your goals are attributed to the perceived challenges you expect to have while trying to reach your goals.

By convincing your subconscious that your goals have already manifested, you convince yourself that you no longer have to be worried about failure. You have already accomplished it once (in your mind) and therefore you can easily accomplish this again.


Check out my video about this.


Attraction is a Choice

The Law of Attraction also supports something very similar to this. By focusing and imagining what you desire has already occurred, the Law of Attraction works for you and begins to attract towards you what you focus on. When you start acting like something is already happened, it breaks down the resistance and then it actually manifests itself. It is a calling to universe to send your desires towards you. But if you focus on negative or fear, and stop or slow down moving forward because of this fear, then you attract these undesired events towards you.

And as you practice more of this, you become more self confident and attract even more towards yourself.

So focus on your desired outcome, and drive yourself towards your amazing, prosperous future!


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Article: How to Get Motivated And Push Yourself Towards the Edge

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