How to Get Started with GigWalk

How to Get Started with GigWalk

How to Get Started with GigWalk.

Startup Gigwalk is a tool for businesses and consumers.

It’s a crowd-sourced service that helps businesses find out how they’re doing, and it’s an app that pays users to walk around and do the hard work.

After you apply to be a Gigwalker, you’ll be able to see a map full of tasks in your immediate neighborhood. These tasks include things like:

  • Take a picture of a menu
  • Take a picture of an intersection or roadblock
  • Enter an establishment’s hours of operation
  • Write a review of something
  • Answer quick questions like: is this place still in business?

When you complete a gig, Gigwalk reviews your work and deposits money straight into your PayPal account. Sounds easy, right?

So Now How to Get Started with GigWalk?

Listen to the following podcast about GigWalk.

Watch for the follow up podcast after the gig is done.

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How to Get Stated with GigWalk

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Article: How to Get Started with GigWalk

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