The Answer To How to Get Traffic To My Website

How to Get Traffic To My Website

“The Answer To How to Get Traffic To My Website” written by Mike Marko.

Are you wondering why no one is visiting your website?

Your website may be new, a couple months old, or even a couple years old, and it seems like nothing is happening?

Then I want to help you.

Getting traffic on your website is paramount to increasing the results of your business, or whatever else you are promoting.  And without a website you are missing out on a huge opportunity of getting new customers (and even seeming credible in today’s world).

So read on to answer the question, “how to get traffic to my website”.

How to Get Traffic To My Website

Before we dive right in and answer the question on how to get traffic to my website, let’s take a look at whether you do already have traffic and how much.

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How to Determine How Much Traffic My Website Has

A quick and loose way of measuring how much traffic your website has it to go to the site, Alexa, and enter the entire URL to your website main page in the field towards the top of the Alexa homepage.

Alexa isn’t the most accurate way of measuring traffic, but it can give you a rough idea how much traffic you have.  If you have a really high number… like a worldwide score of several million, then you aren’t getting a lot of traffic.  If you get N/A then you are getting next to no traffic at all.

A more accurate means of measuring your website traffic is to setup Google Analytics.  Once you have Google Analytics setup, it will start collecting data on your website traffic to help you get a better understanding on how much website traffic you are getting.  It will take at least a week before you start getting a feel for how much traffic you are presently getting.

Now that you know how much traffic your website is getting, let’s answer how to get traffic to my website.

Your Website Is Your Billboard

The Answer To How to Get Traffic To My WebsiteLets use the analogy that your website is like a billboard.  It is a big sign that catches peoples attention on the internet highway… except that the internet is a labyrinth of infinite highways.  With so many ways to travel online that the sad fact is that IF YOU DO NOTHING YOU WILL GET NO TRAFFIC.  PERIOD.

Just building your website (billboard) does not guarantee traffic.

You have to catch people’s attention and have them drive by your site.  At that point, your website (if designed correct) will do the work for you of collecting leads and even sale conversion.

So how do you catch people’s attention?

I am glad you asked… I’m going to cover several ways to get peoples attention so they come across your website.

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Use A Blog

A blog is an extremely valuable resource on a website.  It helps demonstrate you are an authority in your niche, but more importantly it gives you content that will help attract more traffic… though it does take time to build this traffic up as you have to create content regularly.

Most websites have the ability to have a blog added to the site.

Once you have a blog, there are somethings you need to do after posting each blog post to help get traffic (that I cover in this article).

Use Social Media

The Answer To How to Get Traffic To My WebsiteThis is the first step to getting website traffic: post links to your blog posts in social media.  Post them on your personal Facebook page, your Facebook business page, Twitter, Google+Pinterest… the list goes on.  You can also post in various (niche-oriented) groups to appeal to people will find value in your content.

Also MAKE SURE that you put your website address in the bio sections for each of your social media.

Use social media to get as much exposure as you can.  Not only does this help get more traffic, but it will also act as backlinks to your website (more on SEO later).

And the MORE CONTENT you create, the more you have to post in social media, and therefore the more traffic you can get from social media.  This will take time to build up your traffic.

I use OnlyWire to help automate posting to our social media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) love SEO.  SEO is a powerful way to get organic traffic to your site… people that are actually searching for something you have on your site to answer a question or need of theirs.

So what is SEO?  SEO is a way to optimize your content, and the links to your content, to help tell search engines (like Google) that your webpage is on a particular topic.  If you neglect SEO then Google will have a much more difficult time determining how to rank your content in the SERPS.

SEO does take a while for it to build up traffic to your website.  It isn’t over night, and it is reliant on people searching for particular keyword phrases.  Also the more content you have, the more SEO will work for you.

Not everyone has the time or patience for SEO… that’s why we offer a service to help you out.

Paid Traffic

Another way to get people to your website is to pay for traffic.  We use sources like Bing Ads and Google AdWords to help drive traffic to some of our (and our clients’) website pages.

We have also used Facebook PPC (pay per click) to drive traffic to our website.

With paid traffic, you can help drive very focused traffic to particular webpages designed to convert traffic into leads and sales.  Paid traffic is the FASTEST WAY of getting traffic to your website…. and it is scalable.  This means the more money you put into advertising, the more traffic you will get.

Downside: its the most expensive method of getting traffic.

Final Words on Answering How to Get Traffic To My Website

You need to take action to get traffic to your website.  Just creating the website isn’t enough.

If you try at least the majority of these suggestions, you will see an increase in traffic to your site (though some methods are slower than others).

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