How To Handle Disappointment Like Adele 2016 Grammys

How To Handle Disappointment Like Adele 2016 Grammys

“How To Handle Disappointment Like Adele 2016 Grammys” written by Guest Contributor.

You know the feeling when you’re so excited about something you’re about to do?

You’ve maybe traveled a long distance.

Anticipated it for months.

Prepared, Imagined what it would be like, looked at pictures and dreamt of this moment for a long time…

only to be hugely disappointed when things don’t turn out as planned.

How to Handle Disappointment

I’m wondering if this is how Adele might have felt after her performance at the 2016 Grammys when there were technical difficulties with her sound while she was performing her song “All I Ask.”





Adele’s 2016 Grammy Reaction

She tweeted after the performance.

How To Handle Disappointment Like Adele 2016 Grammys

Follow Adele

The piano mics fell on to the piano strings, that’s what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. Shit happens. X

How’s That For A Response?

I admire her professionalism when she just kept going with her performance like nothing was happening in spite of the problems.

Our Own Disappointment

We had our own little “Adele moment” last month when we were in Hong Kong.

We were there as part of our three-week tour of China and were told by some friends who lived there that the two things you absolutely must do while you are there is to 1) take the Star Ferry Harbour tour across the bay.


and 2) walk or ride up the mountain to Victoria’s Peak to see the panoramic view of the entire city.

We only had two days so after the ferry tour (spectacular)

How To Handle Disappointment Like Adele 2016 Grammys

and a night of experiencing the nightlife of Hong Kong we got up early enough to take the metro to Victoria’s peak tram. Where we were anticipating seeing the view of our lives.

Victoria’s Peak, Hong Kong

It was drizzling rain and overcast but the metro is so easy to navigate it was a very pleasant ride to the tram.

We were pleasantly surprised that there weren’t any long lines.

How To Handle Disappointment Like Adele 2016 Grammys

We paid extra to go to the very top of the observation deck for the 360 degrees viewing terrace and we got right on and had a great view of the hillside vegetation as we went up 1800 feet to the top in the tram.


As we all pile out with excitement to see one of the best views in the world we went into a 5 story look out building and traveled up to the very top on several escalators.

How To Handle Disappointment Like Adele 2016 Grammys

Only to walk out to the terrace and to a wall of fog so thick you could barely see 50 feet in front of you.

As we strained to see even a light in the city of Hong Kong below we only saw gray misty fog.

How To Handle Disappointment Like Adele 2016 Grammys

We walked around the perimeter and saw only one of the beautiful homes at the top of the hill a few hundred feet away.

How To Handle Disappointment Like Adele 2016 Grammys

but saw absolutely nothing of the Hong Kong skyline or surrounding area.



How to Handle Disappointment Like A Champ

So What do you do when disappointing things happen? Because if you’re alive they will happen.

How To Handle Disappointment Like Adele 2016 Grammys

  1. Realize It’s part of life as Adele tweeted Sh%^ happens. Acknowledge that you feel disappointment. Feel the feeling and give yourself a few minutes to say. “This SUCKS!” then move on…
  2. Will this really matter one year from now? We have a choice. We can get upset and react or we can regroup and see the bright side of things. If this is the worst thing that can happen, we are pretty darn lucky. We were in Hong Kong. We got to travel up the tram to the very top. We were healthy alive and happy. I could go on and on, but you get my point.
  3. What can I learn from this? Could we have been better prepared? Maybe do a bit of research when we are sightseeing. Think about what you can learn from this.
  4. Make a list of 10 things you appreciate. It might take a few minutes to feel like doing this, but as quickly as possible make a mental list of 10 things you are grateful for or better yet write them down.
  5. Take 10 deep breaths and do some meditation, if you can.
  6. Find the seed of opportunity in every seeming setback. We were able to tell a great story and learn some new tools through this experience.

Final Words On How To Handle Disappointment

So keep these 6 tips in mind the next time you encounter disappointment…

And, like Adele, you’ll be a superstar in anything that you do.


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Article: How To Handle Disappointment Like Adele 2016 Grammys

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