How to Have Fun In Life No Matter Your Age

How to Have Fun In Life No Matter Your Age

“How to Have Fun In Life No Matter Your Age” with Guest Contributor.

Are you envious of others having fun?

Maybe you think you are not allowed to have fun because you are no longer a kid?  Well if this is the case I have something I want to tell you…

You don’t stop having fun because you get old, you get old because you stop having fun.

How to Have Fun In Life

I think we’re all born with the ability to be silly and have fun,
but as we age we slow down and we become preoccupied with our thoughts.

Have Fun In Life Like Little Girls…

This was really apparent to me last week at my nail salon. I was there for a manicure and I couldn’t help but start watching this group of five little girls getting their nails done for a birthday party one of the girls was hosting.

I knew that because they were excitedly talking about their day and sharing with everyone things about their life i.e. “My grandma has seven grandchildren and I’m the oldest. I’m eight and then the next one is seven then six…”

How to Have Fun In Life No Matter Your Age

The contrast between how these little girls sat, moved and carried themselves and the rest of the adult clientele was so remarkable that I couldn’t help but notice.

Their movements were quick and they sat very close to each other. At one point two to a chair.

When did we lose the ability to be so comfortable with close body space?

They would jump up and do a little dance or move their entire bodies so easily and effortlessly at one point one of them knocked a glass vase off the windowsill while she was moving around.

They had full range of motion with their neck. They were looking all around the room from floor to ceiling, taking it all in.

The adults in the room, by contrast, were sitting there hardly moving and maybe occasionally looking at their phone or at other people. They spoke in low, soft tones.

Such a contrast in life-force.

Why Does This Happen?

When do we start to change and get self-conscious about our behavior?

When do we lose our ability to move freely or just be silly ?

By two years old we start to become self-conscious enough to be embarrassed.

That’s when we start to see ourselves through the eyes of others. By 2–3 years old children start to have others in mind when they behave. And it progresses from there to the day-to-day, working, tax paying, appointment scheduling, meal cooking, early rising, always cleaning up monotony of being an adult.

But we don’t have to change so drastically as we age. We can still have times where we act silly and child-like. Here are a few ways to be silly and child-like again.

How to Have Fun In Life Today

  • Joke around. Harmless pranks can be fun.  April Fool’s Day is coming up and I remember when I was growing up my dad and grandma always pranked each other on that day. Each one would try to outdo the prank from the year before. My sister was born on April 7th and one year my dad told my grandma that they were headed to the hospital. My grandma drove part way there before she realized it was a prank.
  • Sing karaoke in the car. Mike and I do this on long car trips to stay awake. There are YouTube videos that are fun and easy to sing along to. Here we are doing the one to “Baby’s Its Cold Outside
  • Try Skipping- It’s fun and makes you feel happy. It might take some practice if you haven’t skipped for  a while. 🙂



How to Have Fun In Life No Matter Your Age

How to Have Fun In Life No Matter Your Age


How to Have Fun In Life No Matter Your Age

Final Words on How to Have Fun in Life

Take the time act silly and have fun in life.  Using the ideas I listed on how to have fun in life or create your own list

Comment below on how you like to act silly.  I would love to hear.


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Article: How to Have Fun In Life No Matter Your Age

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